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    Four Legerrior FTW (for the win) they need to keep make more Hit-Point games!

  • I recommend RPG Maker games ported to the handheld Android/iOS phone or tablet because they have touch screen to enter commands etc.


    Only a few of them managed to come out though and that one game I wanted to try out called The Undefeated unfortunately was taken off the Android play store so I hope the same won’t happen to the others.

  • There is this game that showed up weeks ago on the iOS Appstore I had a go at called Retro Knight.


    Heres the link to the official page: http://www.retroknight.com


    I read the description about it on the Appstore and it says its supposed to be a mix of Action RPG and Sandbox (think Minecraft but without building blocks) but as the name…[Read more]

  • Hey guys, just a quick question.

    How do I farm stat boosting items for permanent stat increases? Seems the only way is to pay for premium points and buy them from the DSP shop. I hope certain enemies will likely drop them? Or if we repeat the Tower of Trials bosses over and over again? I’m obessed with maxing out stats in RPGs lol so don’t min…[Read more]

  • A game I recently began to play is:

    Dungeon x Dungeon

    Its mainly a 2D side scroller action game with some RPG elements in such as equipment upgrades etc. The game came out a week ago on the iOS Appstore but I don’t know if it came out on Google Play or Amazon store (no wait it DID come out a year ago on Google Play/Android)


    Go and give it a…[Read more]

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  • How many characters join the party? Are they temp or perm? Do all members stay through out even after postgame?



    P.S No spoilers as I have YET (never) to play the game.


    P.P.S (By looking at screenshots I see a max of 6 characters in the party)

  • I just recently bought this game from Google Play on my Samsung Galaxy phone as I have heard about this game since it came out a few years back. And right now I have a question as described on this topic title…


    How many characters join you in this game? Are there any ‘optional’ party members that I must be aware of? Do they join tem…[Read more]

  • There is a game that I’m so into right now. It’s called World Neverland: Elnea Kingdom.

    Official Wiki page: http://worldneverland.wikia.com/wiki/WorldNeverland_Elnea_Kingdom

    Its more like a cross between Harvest Moon/Run Factory and Final Fantasy or Fantasy Life on 3DS since it’s a Life Simulator and RPG. Gameplay wise it’s very much ‘do what…[Read more]

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  • Yeah this game came out 4 years ago with some mixed reviews and that but I recently played and completed this game on my Samsung Galaxy phone including bonus stuff with all chars at lvl 99 and one char with maxed classes (all 8).


    I just want to start this topic off to see how many replies I get out of this (hoping the convos won’t d…[Read more]

  • I have this game downloaded from the Appstore on my iPad. I am currently at the ‘last’ dungeon but stopped playing it ever since. Not really into short JRPGs if I’m honest…

  • I’ve heard about this RPG Maker game which came out over a year ago on Android (but I forgotten the name of it… was it called “The Destroyer or something starting with ‘D’?) but news for an iOS release hasn’t been ruled out as of now.

  • What about iPhone and iOS games (iOS means iPad device) to recommend with links to the App store page? I only have a Samsung Galaxy phone but I never play games on that as I can’t stand small screens and the games just drain my battery out within minutes!