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Alphadia Genesis, Alphadia Genesis 2, Antiquia Lost, Asdivine Dios, Asdivine Hearts, Asdivine Hearts 2, Asdivine Menace, Fanatic Earth, Fernz Gate, Infinite Dunamis, Journey to Kreisia, Revenant Dogma, Revenant Saga

Hit Point

Band of Monsters, Bonds of the Skies, Chronus Arc, Cross Hearts Arcadia, Crystareino, Justice Chronicles, Legna Tactica, Rusted Emeth, Seven Sacred Beasts, Soul of Deva


Covenant of Solitude, Dead Dragons, Grace of Letoile, Grinsia, Soul Historica

World Wide Software

Aeon Avenger, Astral Frontier, Destiny Fantasia, Eclipse of Illusion, End of Aspiration, Eve of the Genesis, Fortuna Magus, Legend of Ixtona, Link of Hearts, Silver Nornir, Symphony of Eternity, Symphony of the Origin, Tears Revolude

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Dark Seven

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Asdivine Dios
Eclipse Of Illusion
Symphony of Origin

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World Wide Software