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    I was writing to be another topic, but I found good to copy in here:


    What are your favorite Kemco series, officially linked to each other or you think has a link to each other. Yeah it didn’t make much sense but I will start. First to me is the Dragon Series, that makes part Sinker, Lapis and Alvastia Chronicles. Many classic enjoyment in t…[Read more]

  • Alliance Alive got a HD rerelease and it’s available on all platforms, maybe lacking XOne. But Steam lacks keyboard and I’m didn’t tested it yet because I’m with a malfunctioning controller. But I’ve heard GOG version has keyboard support.

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  • The game has great visuals sincerely I’m waiting it go to Steam. It could be a short but enjoyable adventure just like Bonds of the Skies.

  • Viator on the West, it looks as amazing as ever work for Hit-Point and is a monsters game. Sadly I wanted a good monster game without any tamer intervention on battles. This game has an amazing sprite art and I really believe Hit-Point can make it great. They used characters faces, not chibis for the battle screen. Tetrarchs was a huge leap…[Read more]

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    Hello, why we don’t do a Kemco wiki? I know Dragon Sinker has one very barebones one but one unified one would be better as there’s many cameos in another games and they often share monsters and features. It would be a work of the community, everything from Top Gear passing from the licensed games to the modern age.

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