• sigfried started the topic Other event in the forum Asdivine Saga 1 week ago

    Trust event :

    (end of game probably or after king is back to his right mind) go see the king with Celes, Vyse will defend her and rise the trust level

    (end of game probably or after Nisha joins the team) go with Nisha in Adiva castle and talk to the king, Nisha trust level will rise

    Nisha and the teddy bear : you can obtain a rise of trust…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Subquests (Spoilers) in the forum Asdivine Saga 1 week ago

    All these quests can be found after beginning postgame

    Quest 8 : Guy in the guild, he wants you to deliver some package

    Quest 9 : Lightoria Soldier in Helion Town : you must find the children lost in the town (they are in the secret passage of one of the building

    Quest 10 : Fur Hunters, Guy again in Creshalo Town. he wants a Fluffy Pelt (by the…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Spirits (minor spoilers?) in the forum Asdivine Saga 1 week ago

    to obtain the spirit + you need to go back to the deity in nul ruin. i think the event is post game only. the deity will sacrifice (again) herself to allow the spirit full potential.

  • sigfried replied to the topic Six Sages (Spoilers) in the forum Asdivine Saga 1 week ago

    There are 2 sages in Torzel city. one in town in a house and one in the castle.

    There is one sage in Cresheno in the basement, the first one i noticed

    There is one sage in Adiva City near the Adiva Passage entrance

    There is one Sage in Forgotten town (need a boat and good level to reach that town)

    I was wondering if the last sage is located in…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Finding squid legs in the forum Asdivine Saga 2 weeks ago

    thanks a lot !!

    it works on must first try.

  • sigfried replied to the topic found a walkthrough in the forum Across Age DX 2 weeks ago

    the most important thing to say about across age 1 and 2 is really that they are not compatible with android 10.

    across age 1 runs at 5 fps on android 9 and 10. you need android 6 to play it.

    across age 2 runs at 5 fps in the cutscene and in the last dungeon making it impossible to finish it on android 9 and 10. again android 6 or 7 are suitable…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Asdivine SaGa in the forum Asdivine Saga 2 weeks ago

    is she one of the six sages of the game ?

    a woman in cresheno town explain how to forge a special ring and was offering to do it if i provide the material. i suppose the 6 sages will pop up later in the game.

  • sigfried started the topic Finding squid legs in the forum Asdivine Saga 2 weeks ago


    this job is preventing me to go further in the guild job. the squid can be found in the sea but it is vast. i located some squid emperor in testing ground but they are rare so it will be hard to steal from them and i need to wait before i can explore papaya pass where there is a squid monster too. can someone indicate me which part of the…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Walkthrough @ Subquests in the forum Ruinverse 3 weeks ago

    are there not more than 15 subquests ?

    usually an exe create has 20. i found these 15 but i had the feeling to miss some of it. seems not.

    also not listed as a side quest, Maidame Curie asks you to retrieve some special stone. to activate this invisible quest, finish the game once, maybe achieve also a true ending then talk to her in Seiya…[Read more]

  • you can enter again the forest normally. i remember finishing it and coming back to it a lot for the Monplete.

    what is exactly your issue ?

    to unlock a secret dungeon, you need to have all the skills of your character unlocked then talk to appropriate person or go to the new place that appear. as said above, you need to finish the game once to…[Read more]

  • it also exist on android in japan. i saw it on qoo app. i’d like it to be translated but with all the mess about plagiarism of this game it will stay most likely in the abyss.

  • sigfried replied to the topic Ghost Sync in the forum Non-English Kemco Games 3 weeks ago

    about the music and text, since ruinverse, it seems exe create invest fund in musician and writers. good news if it continues like that. that was the best thing about old exe create games like alphadia, asdivine saga, unlucky hero or warlord revival

  • sigfried replied to the topic Ruinverse Review in the forum Ruinverse 3 weeks ago

    the hero is Kit, allie is the heroine. it is much more like the duet in phantasy star 4 or trails in the sky fc & sc. i read the first comment about the font and they are not different from recent game. the resolution is higher to fit to new screen. on a galaxy s9+ it is enjoyable.

    Ruinverse is one very long game, although i don’t have much hour…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Asdivine SaGa in the forum Kemco Chat 3 weeks ago

    if they have kept the format of the original game like they did on liege dragon (the remake was awful and sounds older than the original on doccomo japanese android by the way) the program is a long game with 77 chapters and 50 missions to complete. there are also branch path during the story and many ends so you may want to replay it to complete…[Read more]

  • “Were are you in Asdivine SaGa? My tablet died and I can’t continue playing it, but last thing I remember I was in a castle where the last party member joined me.”

    i get past that point as my team is complete (that character should be the princess). i am using a boat to go from isle to isle. there is a new part of scenario each time i progress i…[Read more]

  • i actually own the original apk in japanese from 10 years ago. this is indeed a good thing to have asdivine saga, alhpadia 3, 4 and 5 or even old game like code cerberus, dragon tower or asunaro princess. thisone was originally full exe create. i guess my comment on facebook kemco’s page gave some idea because the staff liked it 🙂

    hoping they…[Read more]

  • asdivine saga, lost dragons, warlord revival, alphadia 1, alphadia 2 and Hermit Savior are really old and work great on modern devices.

    on exe create side, only the cloud save of alphadia genesis 1&2 was abandonned.

    you need android 6 to finish across age 1&2. fact is that they are no more supported and on modern device they are too much slow to…[Read more]

  • Frane is before everything a remake of the same game that was available on ios and android in 2012. if i were onto mobile (galaxy s2 or s3, iphone 3 or 4)  at that time instead of ps3 this could have been a non event you know… i know the game last at least 4 hours which is way too few for 8 euros…

    regarding your spoiler, seriously it is pointless…

  • i want it on android. i hope it won’t become a bad habit to launch it first on other support. as for frane, i feel i wait forever to play it in english on my favorite support.

  • where did hit point found such strange name… after four legerrior now, masou no viator. need to see what it means in japanese.

    a clone of four legerrior but it seems the graphic are better : no pixilated sprites on hd background.

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