• “Were are you in Asdivine SaGa? My tablet died and I can’t continue playing it, but last thing I remember I was in a castle where the last party member joined me.”

    i get past that point as my team is complete (that character should be the princess). i am using a boat to go from isle to isle. there is a new part of scenario each time i progress i…[Read more]

  • i actually own the original apk in japanese from 10 years ago. this is indeed a good thing to have asdivine saga, alhpadia 3, 4 and 5 or even old game like code cerberus, dragon tower or asunaro princess. thisone was originally full exe create. i guess my comment on facebook kemco’s page gave some idea because the staff liked it 🙂

    hoping they…[Read more]

  • asdivine saga, lost dragons, warlord revival, alphadia 1, alphadia 2 and Hermit Savior are really old and work great on modern devices.

    on exe create side, only the cloud save of alphadia genesis 1&2 was abandonned.

    you need android 6 to finish across age 1&2. fact is that they are no more supported and on modern device they are too much slow to…[Read more]

  • Frane is before everything a remake of the same game that was available on ios and android in 2012. if i were onto mobile (galaxy s2 or s3, iphone 3 or 4)  at that time instead of ps3 this could have been a non event you know… i know the game last at least 4 hours which is way too few for 8 euros…

    regarding your spoiler, seriously it is pointless…

  • i want it on android. i hope it won’t become a bad habit to launch it first on other support. as for frane, i feel i wait forever to play it in english on my favorite support.

  • where did hit point found such strange name… after four legerrior now, masou no viator. need to see what it means in japanese.

    a clone of four legerrior but it seems the graphic are better : no pixilated sprites on hd background.

  • sigfried replied to the topic Which Next Game? in the forum Kemco Chat 10 months ago

    i would recommend blood of calamity amongst all 3. i admit chrome wolf has some quality but so many drawback that it’s better to do it when you are in holyday as the game is also rigid. regarding shelterra, the adventure is fine bt it’s not a revolution.

  • And so one month later and after an average but interesting Asdivine Kamura, i finally completed this game. i stayed stucked on a boss and though it was a matter of grinding. hell no. I was tired at the idea of grinding so i went on the front line and fight it again. Using one atoma slip, i was able to defeat it. After that, i had the feeling it…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Beaten the Game in the forum Band of Monsters 11 months ago

    i’m trying to enter the last castle but i need to investigate the monsters of that area to be able to do so. fact is that each arena need also to be beaten to obtain cool items. the game is better than the previous hit point pokemon game (seven sacred beasts) but progression is very slow and condition to monster capture on the area you are trying…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    first of all, no i’m not talking of an extra boss but i wanted to name the topic like that. i am currently trying to finish this game and really it’s hard. i read the review here and i disagree partially on the difficulty and the necessary grinding.

    the game begins with easy fight as long as you are in the forest and until you obtain…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic True End in the forum Alphadia Genesis 2 1 year ago


    I finished everything on this game yesterday (including beating Hades and the secret arena). i don’t think the end is so bad for Enah because it allows to understand better who she is and probably (if alphadia 3 to 5 were translated) how she came to Celesia. funny things in this end is that it completes something else left over from…[Read more]

  • Hades is available at the post game but indeed level 99 and tetrarch power all invincible should do the trick. I need to try just by doing the cycle all invincible, hit, command charge, all invicible, hit etc…

  • If you go back to Arbell and talk to the sleeping licker the woman will tell you about hades presence in the woods. Now that some of you beat her, can you check again the licker and the woman to see if there is any change ?

  • sigfried replied to the topic post game ? in the forum Dimension Cross 1 year ago


    yeah the game is expensive, 8 euros in my area, 8 dollars elsewhere i think (the exchange rate is never fair whatever the online store is anyway) but i feel like it deserves it for this one, not like alvastia chronicles (8 euros for 8 hours of game ouch) for example. i didn’t clear only the extra simulation in this game. i didn’t grind…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic RAINBOW PLUME HELP in the forum Alphadia Genesis 2 1 year ago

    Normally this is the end result of all the trade side quests. you need to give him 2 harlequin plume obtained after trading them in the licker village for an expensive ration obtained after trading etc…

    you cannot be stuck or short of item to finish this one, that is unless the game has changed over the year with updates but i doubt it. i…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Zauberah Tower in the forum Alphadia Genesis 2 1 year ago


    to get there the first time, you need a boat. from Pohasson go south (some reefs seems to have disappear to make a shortcut to Chambre). once you see Chambre, go east until you can land on the same continent as the tower. after that, there is a long walk and you will be finally there.

  • this battle is the first in the post game where the difficulty rise without any logic above anything previously seen. although i didn’t grind i arrive at level 66 to the trio. the only way i found without having any special weapon was to buff 2 times attack and defense. i killed first the 2 lovers on the column and let the tank for the end. fact…[Read more]

  • hoping for alphadia 3 to 5, asdivine saga (remake), lost dragons (remake) and of course ancient phantasma and shining mars. in 2019, there will be Frane (but episode 1 & 2 could be remade also, it would be great) and i hope the translation of asdivine kamura, ambition record and monochrome order.

  • strange, it took me 10h only… it was short fortunately. playing vertical was annoying. the game is fun but could have been better…

  • i began the game yesterday and i was disapointed by the ys like gameplay to run into ennemies…

    however is the game that short (4 hours ?), some review were talking of 15h…

    across age 2 was shorter (8h) that across age overall (10h) , so compared to this one ?

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