• i have finished the game and post game. the game is short talking strictly of the story but with some interesting secret if you like to grind. i found it well written (although not as good as wizard of brandel, warlord revival or unlucky hero) and the story was interesting with good twists here and there. overall i didn’t enjoy an exe create at…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    you’re welcome MSG Commander. it’s complicated to really finish 100% some unknown game like this one. few people play it and this is the only community available on kemco games (and since this community helped a million time in other games, i do what i canto help back)

    @Lenny : “Could use some work on your English there”, not sure to…[Read more]

  • hi everyone,

    i needed to try a title that could attract since the game has so bad return of experience here. it’s also the only where it is possible to discuss of it. seems likekemco lost its aura and doesn’t interest anyone on other site on the contrary to the past…

    Sephirothic stories was a good and excellent game that i have completed…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    Having at least completed the side stuff i found and not really mentioned anywhere since no real walkthrough exist.

    So Saving Ellis or not ?

    Well, i would recommend to do both. let her die and go to the sage. if you do this, all the teammate will become stronger because you don’t adjust who is in the main team all the time to…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    it’s been a while since i didn’t post on rpg insanity and since there is so few information about dark gate i guess some clues (people will talk of spoiler anyway) are necessary for this game.


    first of all, i’d like to thank the player here who describe several event with characters and at least 7 on the 8 endings. i won’t add…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Message from MSG Commander in the forum General Chat 6 months ago

    bascially, yes, having all of the kemco centralized here is a great deal. other type of games however can exist on the site. fact is that if this community play them, it’s a proof of them being cool. although i disagree on some game opinion’s here, i like the community because we play more or less the same games.

    i finished tenmilli rpg last year…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Justice Chronicles in the forum Justice Chronicles 6 months ago

    this game is the sequel of mystic chronicles. there is a scene with one of the character in it + the bonus material boss are the same, only the name of the ultimate boss changes.

    machine knight seems more or less related to bond of skies because of the spirit gods but the names are different in english (except for ingrem ?) so it’s more difficult…[Read more]

  • eve of the genesis look like to be a sequel to links of heart. there are people of the moon and the way they came to earth is very similar to what happened in this game.

    regarding end of aspiration, it’s maybe another topic but i really liked it. it was smooth, short and fun to play and the psp version was inferior to the android one, even if it…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic This game is amazing! in the forum Dragon’s Blade 8 months ago

    i kind of remember similar bug in other town but it needs to be a town with lots of money. it helps at the beginning of the game. later on, it’s better to chase the secret zone on the world map. they are very complex but at least you obtain chest with great items in it. better than buy it.

    the grinding here is too much and i was at the point…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic No sounds in the forum Soul Historica 9 months ago

    i just hope to not have the sound bug in this game too as for dark seven and shelterra. you played it with low sound and at the end of a battle suddenly the sound explose just before the end of the victory jingle. although i liked the music of dark seven, i finished the game with no sound at all to play it without this bug.


    regarding soul…[Read more]

  • i am still playing it and i love the writing in this game especially at the beginning when the hero despise humanity. of course the more we go to the game, the less it is shown. the story so far was good but now that i reach the point where you need to kill the bad guys it becomes more straight and less inventive. i have appreciated all the tactic…[Read more]

  • sigfried replied to the topic Subquests in the forum Unlucky Hero (for English) 9 months ago

    if i remember correctly, footpath B can be obtained by clearing another side quest, one of the first in fact. just keep it then. i made the mistake to eat it and luckily, i was able to gain it after a battle between larimar and granate on the small path leading to the prison. i guess it was pure luck because i didn’t gain any other as of now.

  • i took it and arrived at the first town. it was about time to release it. now arbeastia chronicles and sephirotic stories would be nice.

  • the free version requires to buy the full game at a certain point from what i have read in apkpure. it is scheduled for this year in english from what i heard on the facebook page but not sure if it will happen. anyway, exe create + buying full version in game is a bad souvenir of warlord revival in english (broken link in it, need to bypass the…[Read more]

  • since guardian quest 1 is listed here, i suggest to add guardian quest 2 from the same programmer. other rpg like dragon quest 8 or the chaos ring serie can be added but maybe people have completed them since a long time. i still have chaos ring 3 to finish.i admit it reminds me of what could have been a kingdom heart on ps3 or ps vita.

  • sigfried replied to the topic Finally. in the forum Fernz Gate 9 months ago

    i bought the premium version too but nothing really to buy aside of the warehouse key for bonus equipment (if i am not confusing it with another game). i get izayoi as buddy so i didn’t spend anymore gem also. some item like having a battle for each step or no status ailment can be useful but it’s different from a game to another on how to obtain them.

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  • “As for ancient phantasma + Shining mars, dont count on them to get an english release, if at all.”

    yes i know but i hope some independant will bring it in english one day. there are so much j-rpg we didn’t get anyway.

  • sigfried replied to the topic What happened to Magitec? in the forum Kemco Chat 9 months ago

    the post game dungeon was a copy of another if i remember but it was not what was important in it.

  • “so I doubt anyone here can help..”

    i’m not searching for help, i already solved it as explained and really it’s a shame it’s impossible to buy it. the idea of my post was just sharing information. that’s all. the full game is more or less available in english, that’s all.

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