• Those are helpful indeed, but I guess I am looking for more of a tutorial understanding of how it works. Let’s take Blont for example. He started off as a Warrior, and without knowing what I am doing, I changed him into an Archer, which started at Level 1 but with much lower stats than before. Then after reaching Level 10 with that, I switched him…[Read more]

  • So how exactly do jobs work? I know you have to have the right Deed in order to change jobs, and when you change jobs, your stats go back to Level 1, and you have to build up again until you get to Level 10 to switch again.

    Also what are tier levels I keep hearing about?

    Basically I am about to start post game and want to understand how I can…[Read more]

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    Hello, if you’ve seen my name before, then you know what I do. If not, well I am a prolific game mapper that’s created over 3,000 maps on, including maps for some Kemco games, such as Dragon Sinker, Archlion Saga and Everdark Tower. I am somewhat working on Dragon Lapis as well (only 10 maps in so far), but that game (and Dragon…[Read more]

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