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    I finished at level 46 and resolved 36 judgement, just had help on the first one (lol) and the assassin one.  So basically I was able to find 36 judgments on a blind play-through and solved 34 on my own.

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    I just beat and have to go to a lower level  Is this at the end? If so, what are recommended levels to end the game?  I am at level 41 now.  (This is my first playthrough).

    Also, never figured out how to advance the assassin side quest…


  • The part I missed was having to go into the menu and click the “Judge” button, lol.  I thought I had to find someone else to talk to, nope, just go to the menu.  I am towards the end now, I think.  The assassin one ya, not sure how to complete that one.


    What were your final levels to end the game?  I just beat

    so I think I am at the end…[Read more]

  • I can’t believe I am confused already!

    “Judge New Item Shop Contract”

    I don’t understand, how do I do that and where do I go to do that?  I guess it is at the end of the first mission.


  • Takes a lot of getting used to but it is a good game in the end, beat it twice.  Dragon View is way better though and, IMO, has aged quite well.  Sadly, Kemco does not make ’em like that (like Dragon View) anymore.

    Both games are short and can be beaten in under 10 hours.

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    Yah, I stink at shooter type games.  Not sure if you guys play snes games at all, or especially fan translated snes games.  But a translation group did Xak 3 in English and one of the final bosses was in the same style and boy was that hard!

    Any way, I got my level to 78 and that made a huge difference.  Plus I had just realized I had five it…[Read more]

  • I am playing on normal, at level 70 and the last boss is just too hard.  Seems I am without Riel and without healing items and I can not out last this boss.  Any advice?  Thanks.


    edit: wow, I went through the entire game not realizing you can add 5 items to quick slot.  Now I can get to his head and start striking that but die…will thi…[Read more]

  • That is exactly what I thought (“give em’ my money”) as I pushed the “buy” button for Dimension cross.  I set my expectations low and they did not drop but they did not climb at all. Kemco has the market cornered on cheap ($5 or so) rpgs on android.  Unless you want to spend 20$ or more on a square re-boot/re-make/re-release kemco is all we r…[Read more]

  • Well, for what it is worth, Across age 1 and 2 are both excellent games so that bodes well for this game.

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    Anyone play this?  It is quite fun.  Feels like it will be a short game, I am about two hours in and some of the puzzles require a few retries and a moment to stop and think.  It kind of reminds me of a mix between old school snes era Zelda, Young Merlin (another snes game) and the puzzle elements of Lufia 2 (snes).  Also reminds me of Mar…[Read more]


    We are within 11 minutes of each other!!

  • TIP

    If you don’t want to make this game too easy, avoid buying the war idol…you level up too rapidly.  Crafting and seeds turning into fruit can also make you very powerful very quickly. This was an improvement over SS but this was also far too easy IMO, even the extra simulation vs the big ship was not hard in the mid 70s.


    Yah, it is quick, I was level 80 and I did all of the sidequests, every single award except one (I did 42 of them) including the extra simulation and just needed about 14 hours.  Did you beat all of the simulations in the castle?

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    Wow, under 10 hours.  And I thought I beat games quickly!

    I got 42/43 awards (just missing the 20 consecutive overkills, I only got up to 18).  I beat 20/20 sidequests and got to level 80 with minimal grinding.  The war idol helps a lot for experience, I got two with the 1000 DCP kemco gives you but I had to unequip them half way through be…[Read more]

  • I am about 3 or 4 hours in.  While this game still has some of the typical kemco gimmicks that have been seen in many other games, like planting seeds and waiting for them to grow into fruits (aka stat boosting items), a very familiar weapon modification system and a goal reaching (achievement) system that was basically copied and pasted from SS,…[Read more]

  • Ya, I try, but to be honest I usually end up skipping a good chunk of the talking too.  I just find that over the years, there is a lot of filler.  Some of the story is good in most games, but just as much of the story is just so, ugh, mundane.  Especially when characters a. just enter a dungeon, b. get to a midway point or c. just enter a to…[Read more]

  • What would you say was better, Dimension Cross or Sephirothic Stories?


    Yah, seek hearts was ok.  I felt like it was “perfectly average” in fact.  Nothing done poorly or bad, but nothing great about it. I feel like at this point, exe-create has a certain formula to its games and they aren’t going to really deviate from that too much and while t…[Read more]

  • Not sure, usually I beat games very quickly.  Maybe you had a different difficulty level?  Or maybe that was a 100% complete game file I posted after all.

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  • Thanks for the input.  Would you recommend Dimension Cross?  I was excited for it before I downloaded Sephrotic Stories but after beating SS, my interest in DD has declined.

    Any way, if Exe Create took a few more months to really polish SS, I think it COULD have been a pretty decent game.  I wonder, if the developers were really honest with th…[Read more]

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