• That is why I am getting my butt kicked, I am like level 61 or 62.  Can you recommend a place to grind to the high 60s that will not take forever?

    Also, how do I add a STR + effect?

    I am close to maxing out the soul maps but there is a little key next to one of the skills that states I need an item, are those easy to find?


  • I guess it would be mission 52, when you need to go back in time with the 4 rings and beat Bolvo (?) again, I can not beat him!  I go to the other place where the best weapons are and struggle there too.  Any good place to quickly grind?  What level should I be at?  I need to unlock some of the final skills too, any idea where to find those ite…[Read more]

  • Hi folks, there is a pretty tricky part on Chapter 10 where you need to split your 4 nerds up and each has to step on a floor plate in a different temple, all located in the desert (and after stepping on all four you can advance in another area of the game). At one of the temples, it seems pretty hard to see how you advance. Look at the pic and…[Read more]

  • I have not played the first doom and destiny but doom and destiny advanced is fun. Tons of gameplay hours, 13 chapters and a number of different classes. Plus old school graphics, like dragon sinker but looks nicer and tons of cheesy jokes and throwbacks to old games. Anyone else like Doom and Destiny advanced??

  • It was bound to happen eventually. That I would try a 3D Kemco rpg. I generally am a 2D RPG purest, haha. But I finally ran out of 2D Kemco rpgs to play (other than aeon avenger and I disliked elio and soul of deva a lot). I figured this was the best place to start, since I liked alphadia and 2 was even better so Alphadia Genesis was likely to be…[Read more]