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    Abdu, me too! Lol. I always thought the pre-registration was like a reservation, or for virtual games, a way to count which store, or which region, should get the release sooner than others based on interest. I’m sure advertising and go-to-market expenses are outrageous. Pre-registration could help determine which store may make the quickest…[Read more]

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    Me, too, Luther. I remember reading posts from a number of ppl who are waiting for a new Kemco release. Hopefully it won’t take two months like Abdu said happened with Sephirothic.

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    Go ahead and register. Kemco/Exe•Create has a new game getting ready to be released.

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    You guys think this game needs a walkthrough? I’d do one. Played the game once. Absolutely loved it. I’ll play it again if you guys think a walkthrough is needed. Gonna take me a minute tho. In the middle of another walkthrough now. But I think I’d enjoy a Djinn Caster walkthrough if there’s a need for one. Thoughts?

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    Pay close attention to the number of hot peppers. Eat fast or slow so you get few peppers and the other guy gets a lot of peppers. If you’re lucky, you’ll win on first try. But it could take a number of tries. Don’t give up.  Keep trying. You’ll get it. It’s a tricky challenge.

  • That is great info to know! I’ve been wondering about that stuff. Thank you so much for including it.


  • @mastertrek

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that wonderful info. A huge help. I would have never guessed that stuff on my own. I am so glad you remember it and told me about it.

    Nice to know that six chars can earn God Hand. You guys made it sound wonderful to have, and for some reason, I thought only one or two chars are able to…[Read more]

  • Desert Castle is my next stop. If I’m understanding the post by @Mastertrek properly, we should train more in Dungeon of Trials before going to Desert Castle? Main party members are Level 25-ish now.

    How far should I be able to get in Dungeon of Trials? Do you guys remember which bosses allow to descend lower into the dungeon? I ask because the…[Read more]

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    So glad you guys mentioned this good info. TY

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    I missed it then. I looked for a section for equipment in the walkthrough and didn’t see one. Just assumed nothing like it was done so that’s why I posted that little tidbit.

    Did I miss the spreadsheet in walkthrough or is it in a forum thread? I read through some stuff in the forum but not everything. Recently started the game and didn’t want to…[Read more]

  • I saw the posts that were done about the drops. Crazy! Can’t believe what it took for you guys to get to the bottom of all that confusion. Amazing job.  Thanks for all that work and all those posts.

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    Noticed some similarities and differences between the Accessories Elven Earring, which is sold in Elven Village, and the Strange Necklace, which is sold in Forest Castle.

    -Both Accessories cost 1000 Gold.
    -Both Accessories can be worn by any party member.
    -The Elven Earring increases MGC (magic atk), DEF, and SPR (magic def). The stats will in…[Read more]

  • In Forest Castle, there are two Treasures to collect: Evening Dew Gem and Enhancer. Upon entering the town of Forest Castle, follow the narrow pathway between the fence and the wall. Follow all the way to the end on either side of the town- both east and west paths. The west path has the Evening Dew Gem and the east path has the Enhancer.

  • VERY cool!!!  Super, super, congrats!

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    I never did play with audio chat. Probably because the raids we did weren’t real-time PVP or guild vs. guild. The raids were real time, but they were more like PVE. We could take our time raiding and typing in chat. It wasn’t rushed and it wasn’t necessary to use audio, so none of us ever did. It is an interesting concept tho! As long as you don’t…[Read more]

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    For years, I played online games that have guilds. Each game had slight variances, but the gist of them all was to work in harmony with guildmates. The Guild Officers would schedule raids, and we’d participate in raids designed by the devs. Guild raid schedules were as static as they could be so they could accommodate the entire guild and we’d all…[Read more]

  • The Spoilers are silly. Haha! Oldtymer said he read some. I think he got a chuckle or two out of them.

    If there’s anything I would like for you to see, Commander, it’s the opening comments of Second Floor: Crane Room, Part One.  I think you’re gonna like that as much as I did. 😉

  • Thanks, Commander. Comforting to know I’m not the only person who was bugged by it. I still remember very well how bad that amulet thing got under my skin.

    The RIGS Achievement?  I like that idea.  Wow! This is like a Nobel Peace Prize nomination! 😄

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    (Kinda late response, but it’s in case anyone else needs to know.)

    Talk to the IAP shopkeeper if you have the Ancient Dungeons Key.  Choose “Ancient Dungeons” from the menu. Pick which of the two dungeons you want to explore. As long as you have the key, you will have access to both dungeons.  There is no limit to how many times you can go to e…[Read more]

  • I got to that puzzle.  I’m glad my solution worked, but I didn’t know at the time you had a vid, Oldtymer.  Your vid makes my solution obsolete. Glad you have it out there.

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