• Victar replied to the topic So I'm basically Devilman in the forum Revenant Saga 1 week ago

    I had more of a Resident Evil/zombie apocalypse feel from Revenant Saga, although that mood was from the main story and completely divorced from the bizarrely lighthearted sidequests.

  • I recently tried playing Revenant Dogma on my PS4, and encountered a technical issue. The game worked fine, but the display cut off the very top of the screen. This was most notable when doing things like having the hero steal items in combat. I couldn’t read the in-battle text box saying what the hero stole, or if he stole anything at all,…[Read more]

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    Atlus didn’t develop the Citizens games. A Canadian developer (“Eden Industries”, if I’m reading their website correctly) made the games, and Atlus decided to publish them.

    Citizens of Earth was originally a failed Kickstarter project. (This is purely a guess on my part, but the Kickstarter may have failed because the developers openly admitted…[Read more]

  • Victar replied to the topic Citizens Unite! Earth X Space in the forum Kemco Chat 1 month ago

    Apparently this is a remake of the original two Citizens games, with added content and storyline crossover stuff. I don’t think Kemco had anything to do with the initial publications of Citizens of Earth, or Citizens of Space. I’m pretty sure they were originally published by Sega/Atlus.

    I played the original Citizens of Earth on the Nintendo…[Read more]

  • I’m getting a very strong Wild Arms vibe off of this trailer, and that’s a good thing. (Wild Arms is an Old West-themed Sony PSX/PS2/PSP RPG series; I can’t comment on the mobile Wild Arms game.)

  • Is it possible to play any PS4 Kemco RPG on the Vita? Or only the PS4 Kemco RPGs listed above?

    As far as I can tell, it isn’t possible to buy or play either Mystic Chronicles or End of Serenity on the PS4. I’m not finding either one on the PS4 digital store.


  • Here’s a list of Kemco RPGs available on the Vita or Vita TV system. I compiled it by looking through every game in the Vita digital store.

    Yes, all I found were three games – one published by Kemco, two published by Natsume. Natsume did the English translation for Mystic Chronicles, so I assume they translated End of Serenity too.

    The…[Read more]

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    I haven’t played it, but Chrome Wolf has a reputation on this site for being something different, with a very good story.

  • I loaded my save and visited the arena fortune teller maybe twenty times to raise the bond between Lux and the healer to 10, and decrease everyone else’s bond to 8 or less. Then I beat the final boss of the final area again. The same third ending played as before.

    Maybe bonds only affect the first or second endings?

    Doing an internet search for…[Read more]

  • Victar started the topic List of 3DS Kemco RPGs in the forum Kemco Chat 1 month ago

    I figured I’d list all the Kemco RPGs that have been ported to the Nintendo 3DS handheld in the West, because why not. Also because 3DS ports of Kemco RPGs don’t have any paid DLC, and don’t take real-life money for their cash shops. Either the cash shop is disabled, or the player can grind cash shop currency in-game.

    This list is presumably…[Read more]

  • Victar replied to the topic GET THE 3DS VERSION!!!!!! in the forum Alphadia 1 month ago

    I like the 3DS versions of Kemco RPGs because they’re cheaper than other console versions ($10 or less base price; console versions tend to be $13-$15 base price).

    Also, the 3DS versions have NO microtransactions. The cash shop is either disabled, or in some cases there’s an in-game means to acquire points to purchase cash shop items.

    3DS…[Read more]

  • Okay, describing this without any spoilers…

    Mystic Chronicles plays its first ending upon beating a certain surface world boss, then a second ending after beating the underworld boss, then a third ending after beating the final boss of the final zone in the game. I played the entire postgame and saw these three endings.

    I wondered if there…[Read more]

  • Mom Hid My Game is a Kemco puzzle game for the Switch, 3DS, PS4, and iOS. I played through the 3DS version.

    This game is VERY short. I finished it in 75 minutes; it might have taken closer to 2 hours if I hadn’t resorted to using the in-game hints a few times. Finishing the puzzle game unlocks an extremely simple minigame that one can replay for…[Read more]

  • When Karm created his amazing Mystic Chronicles guide, he mentioned that he couldn’t beat Arena Top Rank S. I found a strategy that works, and tested it repeatedly. It can fail if the player gets unlucky, but it will usually succeed.

    I used Lux and the healer. Lux was enhanced with dexterity fruits (the workshop gather-helpers flood the player…[Read more]

  • A gamer named Karm went to extraordinary lengths to create a beautiful, unofficial Mystic Chronicles strategy guide. I found it online at

    I figured I’d put a link to it here. One warning – this guide is illustrated with screenshots and summarizes the game’s story as part of its…[Read more]

  • I just finished playing Mystic Chronicles (the Natsume re-translation of Kemco/Hit-Point’s “Fantasy Chronicles”) on my Vita TV. Completing the game, including all postgame challenges and optional arena battles, took about 40 hours.

    As of this writing (November 2020), Mystic Chronicles can still be digitally purchased in the West, in English, on a…[Read more]

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    This is just gut instinct from having played both games, but I feel like Journey to Kreisia (2013 I believe) would fit in the Exe-Create tree immediately after Infinite Dumanis (2012).

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    Welcome to RPGInsanity!

  • I remember this game as being completely hilarious, but absolutely punishing on the highest difficulty. I gave up on the highest difficulty pretty quickly, and played it on a lower one.

    That was the original version on the Xbox 360. I’m not entirely sure how changed the “remake” Doom and Destiny Advanced is.

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