• Victar replied to the topic how to unlock true end? in the forum Infinite Dunamis 16 hours ago

    Journey to Kreisia started to spike in difficulty before the halfway point, and was definitely harder overall.

    However, the final boss of Infinite Dumanis is absurdly powerful when compared to every other storyline boss in the game. My team got slaughtered at level 60, on normal difficulty.

    On the positive side, the “bad ending” of Infinite…[Read more]

  • Today I browsed Kemco’s official website, and learned that they have a moderately strict set of guidelines for Fan Activities, Gameplay Videos, and Streaming. It’s in multiple languages; this link connects to the English version:

    The one that stood out the most is “Gameplay videos or streaming of…[Read more]

  • Dragon Wars is a fantasy role-playing game developed by Interplay Productions, and originally released for PC/DOS and a host of other ancient computer systems in 1991. Today, this classic can be purchased for $10 from Steam or Good Old Games.

    Kemco released a console port of Dragon Wars… but only for the Famicom (Japan’s version of the NES).…[Read more]

  • Imagine hating an Exe-Create game…

    Nope. Can’t do it.

    However, this one does have the “uncanny valley” art style for the animated battle sprites of its playable characters. I don’t like that art style very much, so the odds that I’ll buy or play it are low.

  • It’s a new year/new decade! What are you hoping Kemco will deliver in 2020?

    I worry that the ephemeral nature of digital-only games could render some of their back catalog impossible or nearly-impossible to obtain. So, I’m hoping for more physical copies/collections of Kemco games (not just “Limited Run” physical copies), especially in the…[Read more]

  • I can’t say much about games I haven’t played and finished, which is why it could be a while before I have anything to share about Deja Vu II, Uninvited, or Dragon View.

    As for the Kemco games that aren’t RPGs or point-and-click adventures… I think they’re best left to someone else.  Here’s the list if anyone’s got a…[Read more]

  • In 1991, after the rousing success of their port of Shadowgate, Kemco ported the point-and-click adventure game Deja Vu (developed by ICOM Simulations) to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Today, Shadowgate, Deja Vu, and Uninvited are most easily obtained as the MacVenture trilogy on Steam, PS4, or other platforms.

    Deja Vu had a direct sequel,…[Read more]

  • To follow up on what Lemmy was saying…

    I’ve also noticed how similar the core gameplay systems of Exe-Create games are. No matter which Exe-Create game you start with, I recommend browsing its in-game “help” section in the menu. The “help” section is essentially a digital instruction manual.

    90% of the “help” section will describe basic RPG…[Read more]

  • In 1989, Kemco-Seika ported the point-and-click adventure game Shadowgate (developed by ICOM Simulations) to the Nintendo Entertainment System. This port was so successful that ICOM Simulations had Kemco follow up with NES ports of the point-and-click games “Deja Vu” and “Uninvited”. Today, all three games are easiest to acquire as the…[Read more]

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  • Victar replied to the topic Kemco RPG Omnibus (Switch) in the forum Kemco Chat 3 weeks ago

    I purchased digital copies of Illusion of L’Phalcia and Legend of the Tetrarchs on the PS4 – both are currently on sale, and Legend of the Tetrarchs in particular is a favorite of some folks on this site. That’s reason enough to get the game while the getting is good.

    I played Chronus Arc on the 3DS and can’t recommend it at all, mostly because…[Read more]

  • In 1991, Kemco developed and Seika published an adaptation of the western RPG Drakkhen for the Super Nintendo System. Drakkhen was originally a computer game, made for PC and other archaic hardware (Atari ST, FM Towns, Amiga, and Sharp X68000 according to GameFAQs).

    The Kemco version of Drakkhen on the SNES looks drastically different from the…[Read more]

  • Victar replied to the topic Hello, glad to be a member. in the forum Welcome Mat 3 weeks ago

    I own almost every Kemco RPG on the 3DS, and browsed the listings of the rest. None of them have in-game purchases, but different ones were modified in different ways to compensate.

    Justice Chronicles allowed the player to spend an in-game resource (was it gold?) to continue a failed battle. Journey to Kreisia awarded the player Kreisia points…[Read more]

  • Kemco is well-known for publishing the “MacVenture” trilogy of adventure games (Deja Vu, Uninvited, Shadowgate) on the Nintendo Entertainment System, back in they day. They also published Deja Vu’s sequel in “Deja Vu I & II” for the GameBoy Color. Kemco did not publish Shadowgate’s direct sequel “Beyond Shadowgate” for the Turbo Grafx…

    …but…[Read more]

  • No, it’s definitely not “flooded” with scammers. I’ve now deleted precisely 3 spam messages from my site inbox, over the course of many months. I don’t think that even qualifies as a droplet, lol.

    My thanks to all of you for keeping vigilance.

  • I noticed that Sephirothic Stories on the PS4 locks a feature behind a paywall. (“Do you want a menu option to turn off regular encounters? In-game purchase, please.”) I really hope that sort of thing doesn’t escalate any further than it already has.

  • …because I don’t own a smartphone. I grew up in the pre-smartphone era, and my job doesn’t require one.

    The world changed while I wasn’t looking. One day, I saw a person declare, “A smartphone is a necessity.” They were correct; a smartphone is now a necessity for most people, engaged in most careers, who need it for networking, communication,…[Read more]

  • According to Wikipedia, Kemco developed The Sword of Hope and The Sword of Hope II, although both games were published by Seika Corporation. Both games were originally released for the black-and-white GameBoy, and were on the very short list of RPGs on that system. I played both of them decades ago, and found them mildly enjoyable, albeit very…[Read more]

  • A long time ago, a friend temporarily loaned me a copy of the RPG Ghost Lion for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’m grateful they did, because I have fond memories of playing it.

    According to Wikipedia, Kemco developed and published Ghost Lion. It was released in 1989 in Japan, and 1992 in North America.

    Unfortunately, Ghost Lion was never…[Read more]

  • Victar replied to the topic Mom Hid My Game! in the forum Mom Hid My Game! 1 month ago

    Mom Hid My Game is also on the 3DS. It looks like a simple point and click adventure.

    I have some fondness for the genre, but $5.00 is a bit high for what appears to be a bare-bones puzzle game with minimalist art. Maybe it’ll be amusing to try the next time it goes on sale.

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