• Everyone seems to neglect mentioning the God Stat in these Kemco games; Speed.  High speed is just as important as high strength. Getting two to three attacks before the boss is better than just hitting the bosses hard.

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    nice catch.  but i’m still grinding it out the ol fashioned way.


    Though I seem to notice that if you are aiming for a stat (crit, steal, etc) the game likes to troll you by giving those stats to the people that you AREN’T wanting to have them (steal is a big one) and thus don’t have them on their equipped gear, while the character/s you DO…[Read more]

  • What are the recommended things to buy in the IAP store?


    The Exp, sp and gold crystals would only benefit in the early game but becoem useless later on like in most games.  The item drop rate one is nice, but since I like to find a weapon with steal asap in these games I can skip that one.  Is the Expert Farmer good?  Or should I just ho…[Read more]