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    Looking to pick up one of the Asdivine games sometime in the next few months, so I’m curious what the KEMCO superfans feel are the best ones in that particular lineup?

    Also what makes the Asdivine games unique compared to other games using the same engine / mechanics?

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    So… that was a ballsy ending (spoilers follow).

    Not sure if they are trying to leave it ambiguous or it’s just an issue of the limited storytelling capability of the game engine, but man.

    I’m still really impressed with the quality of the story in this EXE Create game, given how rough some of their other games can be.

    What did other people…[Read more]

  • I ran into this problem just last night. For those who happen to stop by this thread with the same issue, there are several places throughout the dungeon where there is a “false wall” that can be walked through.

    Generally, if you see a teleport circle, those will warp you to a treasure room and then another warp will take you back to an earlier…[Read more]

  • So our profiles on the site have the option of showing what games we have completed, but I’m noticing quite a few games I’ve played that are missing, including Monochrome Order and Miden Tower.

    I think someone noted elsewhere that Ruinverse is also missing.

    What’s the process for getting the list updated?

  • Am I mistaken in saying it looks like it’s using the same 3×3 grid battle system from Miden Tower?

    If it does, I’m on board.

  • Xatres replied to the topic KEMCO Family Tree? in the forum Kemco Chat 1 month ago

    Quite the tangled web, which is to be expected. I’d love to get a visual put together of all these interrelationships – maybe not going back to the beginning of time, but at least for a good chunk of modern titles.

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    So we all know how many developers KEMCO publishes games for will reuse the same game engine and assets repeatedly to rapidly pump out new RPGs for us to enjoy. We see this especially with EXE Create, which seems to release at least one or two RPGs a year with the same visual style.

    My question is, has anyone ever sat down and figured out a…[Read more]

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