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Jesusalva says:
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A Twist On The Usual

== Gameplay ==
For those expecting the usual RPG, this is one is totally different.
Battles leave the spotlight and becomes a side feature.

In a world where not everything is as black and white as it seems, you’ll have to pass judgement on rather polemic questions, which is very rare in Kemco land. Can you balance between the “morally right” versus the “collective greater good”?

You’ll be doing boolean choices (“Innocent/Guilty”, “Kill/Spare”, “Allow/Disallow”, etc.) and these will change the game – Which party members will be available to recruit, where the story will go, etc.

== Battle and Skill System ==
Each character has three fixed skills, which can be tweaked (powered up, cost reduced, or some other bonus). The characters have a single weapon, which can be refined. It’ll change name at certain refine levels.

This system actually plays very well in this game. In fact, I prefer this simplified system over some other games where the micromanagement is insane.

Combat is very straightforward, and I liked it. There is beauty in simplicity, and in my opinion, this game managed to get the right amount of simplicity to be enjoyable.

== Story ==
There is a story to each judgment, which will try to involve you on it. These are well executed… in most cases. A few will not provide you as much information as you would like, and some may even grow annoying after a while.

The main story has five different endings based on the decisions you make. It is interesting, and does not feels bland.

== Other elements ==
Maps are well done, art is hitpoint-standard, and sonorization is good enough for immersion.

== Why would you not play? ==

If you do not like Visual Novels, you probably will not like this game, as it errs more on the VN side than on the RPG side.

…This being said, strictly speaking, VNs are more true to “RPG” than RPGs themselves, so there’s that.

Also, replayability.
I mean, it is great having five paths and your decisions actually having an effect ingame (instead of being just cosmetic). However. In my opinion it is a bad point, because:

They could have been a lot better. On computer version they’re less annoying, but not adhering to the “ZXC” convention makes it unintuitive to use on a Qwerty keyboard; And on mobile, well… You can read the complains on the forums.

In the end, the poor controls make replay tedious at best. The cases story themselves also do not change, so while the result can change based on your actions, the causes will not. And reading the same cause over. And over again. Can get quite dull.

== Conclusion ==
If you’re a bit bored from the hack’n’slash most RPGs provide and want a change of pace, this game is for you. I believe it is worth $9.

  • Choices matter
  • Beauty in Simplicity (Combat/Skill)
  • Uniqueness
  • Replayability
  • More of a VN than a RPG

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