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JRPGHero says:
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More Creature Catching Games Should Be Like This

I bought this game b/c it sounded like a interesting mashup of Pokemon meets JRPGs. Surprisingly, this game entertained me more than the Pokemon games ever did.

You play as a kid named Culter who has lost his memory and has the ability to understand monsters. The only thing he remembers that he has a brother. With the help of a shepard girl named Aira, Culter must journey through the world & gain monster allies to help him find his brother.

Battle system is turn based with 4 party members; two of them are gonna be monsters while the other two will be Culter & Aira. Skill system is fun; you have different character classes you pick up from each town such as Warrior, Diviner, & Outlaw. You also have a subset of abilities called Carmina that can turn the tide in battle & be equipped & unequipped outside of battle to suit your needs.

Other features I enjoyed was how you didn’t have to heal outside of battle & how you can strengthen equipment you find with gold instead of buying new equipment often. I also liked how the game encouraged you to explore your surroundings to find new Carmina skills or stat boosters and how completing certain subquests have you gain a new monster ally. Touch controls are decent, though some taps move you farther than needed.

The monsters were quite interesting; my favorites were the Slyphs Windy & Flare and the Dragon lady Tina

One issue I had was not knowing how to activate a couple of subquests that involved talking to certain people. The majority of subquests pop up automatically as you journey, but some must be activated to be completed.

The only other issues was the high random encounter rate. High random encounters are good for gold & EXP, esp. if you get the golden pancho that lets you earn gold for the amount of damage you deliver to it. However, I found the random encounters annoying when trying to get through a long dungeon.

  • The ability to befriend some monsters w/o fighting, fun classes, Interesting magical creatures, good storyline
  • High random encounter rate
Daniel x2 says:
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Great game

In a world where men have achieved a bond with beasts. The millenary legend tells; That many years ago there was a hero known as the King of beasts, who was able to tame a thousand beasts and with the strength of these, save the world from great danger. Many centuries later, the young Culter appears in the middle of the forest with a great problem of amnesia and only has some memories where he remembers that he was accompanied by a mysterious young man who identifies as his brother. In the middle of the forest, a witch appears and regrets her destiny as a beast tamer and presents Culter, the first beast on her way as a tamer. At this moment Culter realizes that he has the ability to understand the language of beasts. It is because of this closeness that surprises the young Aira who takes care of her home and her sick mother but who dreams of becoming a great Beast tamer.
To start I must say that I have always been reluctant to play RPGs on touch screens because I usually have disastrous experiences. Because the controls are usually very uncomfortable and inaccurate. I honestly thought that this game would not be the exception and I was surprised how well the touch control is working for this game. While it is not as accurate as a Pad, what Hit-Point has achieved, it really does not make the game so annoying and is not an impediment to having fun.
Monster Viator is a very fluid RPG that first stands out for being extremely practical. Really the formation of the menus, achieve an interaction where you will not battle to go forward or backward. In addition, the options to define and equip your equipment are very easy to interact. I emphasize these details because to play on your cell phone or mobile device it is essential to do it in an easy and comfortable way that allows for easy playability.
Monster Viator, is a Traditional Rpg in two dimensions, where we will interact with many beasts; Which will dress and will be added to your team. It is important to mention that each beast has unique abilities; Which you must study very well to know which to align according to the place where you are. For example: It may be a good idea to align a wind beast to your team, if you find yourself it is a place where you face many enemies of fire.
If you have played other KEMCO games, you will notice that the battle system is inherited from the one seen in The Legend of The Tetrarchs. It is practically the same. This system is very enveloping and I find it extremely comfortable to play on a mobile device. First, because there is no option to use items. In fact the battles develop through three movements. Attack, Special Attack and Defense. Special attacks are governed by the SP bar, which is filled in turn with Turn. Obviously shifts that do not have many SP points, we can not make special attacks. So we can only defend ourselves or make a simple physical attack. While this may seem somewhat limited, let me tell you that it is not so thanks to the existence of the Carminas; Which, are extra skills that your characters can use throughout the battle. For example: Depending on the Carminas that you equip your team, these can make the SP bars fill faster. There is a great variety and there are even some Carninas that are capable of making you almost immortal. That is why, each Carmina has various effects in battle that you can discover. The carminas are undoubtedly an additional that greatly benefits the gameplay and that if you use them correctly, they are able to make you achieve amazing results in your battle. It is important to mention that the carminas are responsible for the option of automated battles that do not allow a quick outcome of them. Well, AI is confused with carmine. So each battle will be better to fight in the traditional way. This can be bad for new generations who are used to not striving, but for what we just games like Lufia and we have chest hair, we would love to give importance to each battle.
Something that I always like about the games that KEMCO publishes, is that in each installment of its large gallery of RPGs. They look for a way to innovate. Monster Viator is no exception and incorporates a work system, which can be developed by our human characters. So every time they get a job, they will get new skills. This is a positive thing because although this game relies heavily on looking for beasts to tame, it really is something positive for the protagonists; Those who always want to have in your team, do not bore you with the same skills.
The topic of looking for beasts and tame them makes the game very entertaining. While it is not a gallery as large as one would like, it is enough enough to fit the argument of the Game.
That to be honest is not the big deal, but at least it entertains you. Especially the adventures that Prince Fifi Biscuite makes you pass (Fifi for those who do not know, it is a term used in Mexico to refer to a conservative person of high economic class).
Something curious about Monster Viator, is that the hotels in this game do not serve to rest. Because your energies recover completely once you finish a battle. The hotels will only serve us to obtain conversations and obtain an additional mission. A point that I liked, is that the game encourages you to talk with the NPCs and explore every corner of the different villages that we will have to visit. This thanks to the mechanics of treasures offered by Monster Viator. This mechanic consists in obtaining treasures full of skills through conversations or in places where the sign of Admiration (ยก) appears. These treasures will be automatically assigned to our team and help us in battles. For example, there are some treasures that will cause our defense to increase at the beginning of each battle. At some point the increase in skills provided by treasures is not such a great thing. But there are so many treasures in the game world; That in the long run, they would strengthen your team a lot.
The graphics presented in Monster Viator are extremely colorful and stylish a very memorable graphic. Monster Viator presents an excellent use of lighting and brightness. What causes that the game is beautiful for the view in its two dimensions. I tried Monster Viator on an old device like the Huawei P9 Lite to see the faults. But fortunately, the game did not present any delay or something that would kill the experience. My only but, is that you change your application for a while and return to your game. It will restart itself. But with the option continue, the game will put you right where you stayed. Although frankly I would have preferred the game to stay right where I left it.
Musically, the game shares wonderful songs that not only go perfectly with the situations presented by the game. If not, they will really impress you for their degree of detail and for putting on your skin in more than one occasion.
My experience with Monster Viator has surprised me because I honestly didn’t expect the game to keep me so close to control. The game denotes the experience Hit-Point has achieved throughout the games he has developed. We can say that the battle system was copy-paste of The Legend Of Tetrarchs but it is clear that thanks to the work system, we tried to refresh this concept. In addition, the characters in this game are highly charismatic as are the villains; Which contrasts with The Legend of Tetrarchs that it had a very dry protagonist and a very forgettable villain.
I do not lie in saying that the game will delight the owners of a mobile device because it is easy to play and does not cover much memory. Although frankly I think the game should have the option of paying each chapter. Because while the price is super accessible: Remember that the customer who plays on your cell phone does not release the wallet as easily as a console. So a free trial is not a bad idea.
I would lie if I told you that Monster Viator will become a great commercial success. But if it is on this path where KEMCO can rely on to achieve it. Because you combine very fluid combat mechanics, a well-achieved graphic style and a nod to Pokemon that can bring the many lovers of that franchise. Unfortunately, the game’s problems remain the lack of translation into different languages. Which in this time surprises that I study more discreet; they are already doing it and that our friends of KEMCO still do not do it. I also consider that the game should have an online option, especially when you have such an evolving and well-done battle system. While these changes do not happen, the fate of Monster Viator is doomed to be a very good niche game but does not have enough strength to stand out globally.

  • Battle system
  • Many beasts to tame
  • Golden Panchos
  • Does not ask for many requirements to your cel phone
  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Wonderful graphic style
  • It is only in English
  • May feel a bit linear
  • It does not stand out from other games of the brand.

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