Jobs and Jobs Treasure Lists

Written by Jesusalva

Originally made by quartz.

May be missing a few, however ─ please let us know if you have job treasures we are missing for Oracle class along with where you have found them if you remember and we will edit them in.

Upgraded classes get an additional skill.


Culter's Jobs


Default class for Culter. No upgrade.

Traveler Job Treasures

Signpost of Nuts (Max HP +5%)

Fragrant Glass Fruit (ATK + 5%)

Sharp Bone (CRT Rate +10)

Traveling Boots (AGI +5%)



Unlock by interacting with fishing point at Tranquil Lake (catch a Sparklefish, which appears in inventory as a "General Effect" treasure that increases all allies' Initial SP +2). No upgrade.

Angler Job Treasures

Prismafish (Max HP +10%) - Wave Village

Armorfish (DEF +10%) - Makai Village

Chompfish (EVA +10) - Ohana Beach

Icefish (Recovery Skill Effect +50%)



Talk to the soldier in Makai Village. Upgrade to Swordmaster by talking to the soldier again after collecting all four Soldier job treasures.

Soldier Job Treasures

Hand Protectors (ATK +3%)

Chain Mail (ATK +3%)

Really Hot Sake (ATK +4%)

Lava Stone Amulet (Max HP +5%)

Swordmaster Job Treasures

Sword Crest (ATK +15%)



Talk to the vagabond in the Dwarves' Den in Dark Marsh. Upgrade to Criminal by talking to the vagabond again after collecting all four Outlaw job treasures.

Outlaw Job Treasures

Bloodied Silver (EVA +2)

Night Vision Glasses (EVA +2)

Balaclava (EVA +3)

Black Boots (AGI +10%)

Criminal Job Treasures

Black Cloak (EVA +10)


Knight/Dragon Knight

Talk to the knight in Istwall. Upgrade to Dragon Knight by talking to the knight again after collecting all four Knight treasures (may also need to acquire Elder Dignito for transport or defeat/befriend Bahamutina?)

Knight Job Treasures

Ice Gauntlets (CRT Rate +3)

Dark Gray Greaves (CRT Rate +3)

Elven Pauldrons (CRT Rate +4)

Holy Helm (DEF +5%)

Dragon Knight Job Treasures

Dragon Scale Kabuto (CRT Rate +20)



Aira's Jobs


Default class for Aira. No upgrade.

Shepherd Job Treasures

Flexible Reins (Max HP +5%)

Leather Gloves (DEF +5%)

Crystal Anklet (Initial SP +5)

Hemp Apron (Recovery Skill Effect +30%)



Talk to the Monk in Gilkaria. Upgrade to Enlightened by talking to the Monk again after collecting all four Monk treasures.

Monk Job Treasures

Fighter Belt (Max HP +3%)

Black Studded Tabi (Max HP +4%)

Fighting Headband (DEF +5%)

White Lotus (+3% HP) (Yellow flower in Ohana Beach, east of Ohana Village.)

Enlightened Job Treasures

Armor of Mastery (Max HP +15%)


Magic Bard/Monster Poet

Talk to the magic bard in Ohana. Upgrade to Monster Poet by talking to the monster poet in Lani after collecting all four Magic Bard job treasures.

Magic Bard Job Treasures

Caring Collection (Recovery Skill Effect +15%)

Loving Collection (Recovery Skill Effect +15%)

Thrilling Collection (Recovery Skill Effect +20%)

Mermaid Ocarina (Recovery Skill Effect +15%)

Monster Poet Job Treasures

Requiem Collection (SP Recovery +3)



Talk to the diviner in Leaf Village (only there after a certain point in the story?) Upgrade to Oracle by talking to the diviner again after collecting all four Diviner job treasures(?).

Diviner Job Treasures

Brass Cup (Initial SP +1)

Abyssal Crystal Ball (Initial SP +2)

Decayed Amulet (Initial SP +2) - Ghost Ship

Verses of Galdr (EXP Gained +5%)

Oracle Job Treasures




Talk to Ryan in Istwall when you reunite with him after events in Gilkaria. Upgrade to Archmage by talking to Ryan again after collecting all four Mage job treasures(?).

Mage Job Treasures

Dwarven Robe (CRT Rate +5)

Circlet (CRT Rate +5)

Tricorne (CRT Rate +5)

Burnt Spellbook (ATK +5%)

Archmage Job Treasures

Burning Talisman (CRT Rate +30)



Talk to the inventor in Kelt Village. Upgrade to Alchemist by talking to the alchemist in Deselle City.

Inventor Job Treasures

Fine Pen (DEF +3%)

Rusty Toolbox (DEF +3%)

Silk Lab Coat (DEF +4%)

Old Power Stone (Gold Gained +5%)

Alchemist Job Treasures

Sacred Incense (DEF +15%)