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Why I Ultimately Bailed on Dragon’s Blade

…even though I really, really like it! Dragon’s Blade may very well be one of the finest mobile RPGs I’ve ever played. So why am I quitting halfway through? Well, I’ll tell you, but first, let me give you an in-depth review of all the game has to offer. About the Game It was first released in … Continue reading “Why I Ultimately Bailed on Dragon’s Blade”

Unlucky Hero: Brains over Brawn (But Powerful Magic Helps)

This game features a very interesting, and as far as I know unusual in Kemco games, battle system.  In addition, a major theme in the story tends to support the special features of this battle system.  Before discussing the battle system, I’ll give brief notes on the pros and cons of the game. The good: … Continue reading “Unlucky Hero: Brains over Brawn (But Powerful Magic Helps)”

Covenant of Solitude: Leave it Alone in its Cave

I’ve played to completion, including post game, more than 20 Kemco RPGs. Where does Covenant rank? If there are about 40 Kemco English games, Solitude ranks around 45. Yes, unpublished games, vapor ware, or not playing anything is better than wasting your time on Covenant. PROS: you will miss nothing if you don’t complete the … Continue reading “Covenant of Solitude: Leave it Alone in its Cave”

Valkyria Soul: Odd, Repetitive, and Short

Who caused Ragnarok, the destruction of Valhalla and its gods? What did the Valkyrie and the rest of Valhalla really think of Odin? Was Loki framed? Is there a traitor in the ranks of the Valkyrie? Valkyria Soul spins its own tale of Nordic mythology as it probes these questions and others. You control the … Continue reading “Valkyria Soul: Odd, Repetitive, and Short”

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the official blog for RPG Insanity, where we will cover all topics having anything and everything to do with mobile RPGs (and the reasons why we love them…) Hint: “fun” and “portable.” Oh, and “fun.” Did we mention fun? Two years ago, RPG Insanity was born, and the web (and the developer) has … Continue reading “Welcome to our blog!”

Friendly Foes, Faux Friends, and Mortal Immortals

Silver Nornir: The Trial of Azatoth –broadcast LIVE We are proud to present a LIVE broadcast of the Trial of the boss monster Azatoth. It is charged with trying to destroy the world. Prosecutor: You destroyed the world twice, and are accused of attempting to destroy it again in this, the 3rd age. How do … Continue reading “Friendly Foes, Faux Friends, and Mortal Immortals”

Cross Hearts Arcadia: Interesting Ingredients, but Half-Baked

I find it hard to convey the flavor of this game: the mixture of features has some sweet, some bitter, but the final taste seems somehow flat. I will list some of the positive and negative features, and then describe them in detail. I’ll focus on play, but note that the story, while not unusual, … Continue reading “Cross Hearts Arcadia: Interesting Ingredients, but Half-Baked”

Soul of Deva: Good Battles for Solid Gaming

I played this game 3 years ago, and recently played it all the way through again. For some reason I found it tougher this time around (I’m older and slower), but I enjoyed it both times. Although the story isn’t anything special, and the characters rather stock, the main hero, Shin, is unusual: a half … Continue reading “Soul of Deva: Good Battles for Solid Gaming”

Fanatic Earth: Words, Words, Words

Words, Words, Words Fanatic Earth has one entertaining feature, but it isn’t graphic or game play.  The dialog in this rpg is full of humorous insults and put-downs.  The speech, translated by Kemco’s John Sears (who does many of their games), doesn’t feel like a translation.  It is more like he takes something that perhaps … Continue reading “Fanatic Earth: Words, Words, Words”

Legend of Ixtona: Choices Matter

Legend of Ixtona: Choices Matter! This is a mini-review of Legend of Ixtona in which my primary focus will be on the tactics and choices presented to the player.  Ixtona is a grid based tactical RPG.  There are no dungeons and no random battles, but instead individual arena-like battles against hordes of enemies.  You begin … Continue reading “Legend of Ixtona: Choices Matter”

Good addition to the Asdivine universe

Asdivine Cross is the fourth Asdivine game to be released in the U.S. Fans of Asdivine Dios and Asdivine Menace will quickly be at home with the overall gameplay, though the plot hearkens back to Asdivine Hearts, with the Light and Shadow Deities playing a central role in the story. However, Cross is marketed as … Continue reading “Good addition to the Asdivine universe”

Awesome 3D battles system + wonderful story

Just like Revenant Dogma and Glorious Savior, this game has an awesome 3D battle system. The uniqueness from this game is its storyline about a strong friendship, The main character(Albert) always gained support by his companions (Bruno,Esther and Julia) till the end. At first they have conflict and confront each other. But in the End, … Continue reading “Awesome 3D battles system + wonderful story”

The unlucky game that deserved a sequel

RPG Unlucky Hero (Samsung Galaxy S7) They say that Heroes; don’t wear capes (But in Jasper’s case, he does). Heroes also use swords (But in Jasper’s case, he uses a book to fight). Heroes also solve their problems and save the world by using brute force (But in Jasper’s case, He uses his wit and … Continue reading “The unlucky game that deserved a sequel”

Alphadia: You gotta start somewhere

So, last year, I finally decided it was that monumental time in my life to upgrade my phone to something that people could consider modern. In doing so, the local Verizon outlet tossed in a cheap tablet for, if not free, something pretty close to that. This left me with a question: Uh, what am … Continue reading “Alphadia: You gotta start somewhere”

Grinsia: An exercise in mediocrity

Once upon a time, I didn’t know Kemco had turned themselves into a juggernaut, releasing low-priced mobile games on a monthly basis. But then, on one of those boring weekend afternoons, I started searching through my 3DS’ online shop and found this JRPG titled Grinsia in its “Indie” section and figured I might as well … Continue reading “Grinsia: An exercise in mediocrity”

Symphony of Eternity: Joe Newbie vs. IBM’s Watson

Faceoff: Joe Newbie versus IBM’s Watson JN: Man, that game was kinda fun, but not very tough.  I breezed right through it.  All the treasures were in visible chests, I skipped talking to the NPCs, and the entire game was a simple linear progression with no chance to get lost.  W: It took me 6,351.2 … Continue reading “Symphony of Eternity: Joe Newbie vs. IBM’s Watson”

Illusion of Alphadia Genesis

Illusion of l’Phalcia (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) WARNING: THE GAME IS A 102 MB DOWNLOAD DUE TO ADDITIONAL FILES  PEOPLE WITH SLOW INTERNET SHOULD EXERCISE PATIENCE OR GO TO A PUBLIC PLACE WITH WIFI TO SPEED UP THE DOWNLOAD SUCH AS MCDONALDS. Plot There is a legendary treasure created by a sage long ago called “The sword of … Continue reading “Illusion of Alphadia Genesis”

Bonded by Tradition

Allrighty. Heads up to anyone that may be reading this review. It’s my first one so don’t hesitate to critique it or oppose my opinion. With that in mind, hope this review helps. BONDS OF THE SKIES REVIEW (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) Plot The game opens up with Eli, a young swordsman in the village … Continue reading “Bonded by Tradition”

Alphadia Genesis 2: Don’t Waste Your Time

Alphadia Genesis 2: The Terrible, Horrible,  No Good, Very Bad Game What follows is my review which excludes the post-post game epic battle against Enah.  This battle is one of the longest, toughest, and perhaps best battles in all the Kemco rpgs.  For me, the normal AG2 provides little entertainment and I would play it … Continue reading “Alphadia Genesis 2: Don’t Waste Your Time”

Elio is NOT the Typical Kemco RPG

Elio: A Fantasie of Light and Darkness is not AT ALL the typical Kemco JRPG. This in itself may turn a lot of players off; however, for what it is, it’s about as good as other games of the same type. My first impression of Elio was that it’s essentially a Brave Frontier type of … Continue reading “Elio is NOT the Typical Kemco RPG”

Alphadia Genesis: Play It For the Story

[Note: after a complete repeat playthrough,  this review is a revision of one I posted some time ago.] You know how reviews of consumer electronics (cameras, phones, etc.) compare items by having a side by side list of features? Well, Alphadia Genesis has plenty of features, and I will list them, but do these features … Continue reading “Alphadia Genesis: Play It For the Story”

Link of Hearts: Misnamed Battle Land

Link of Hearts: Battles, More Battles, and Not Much Else Link of Hearts is an unusual Kemco RPG. It has a standard plot, but with a few surprises which would have been quite interesting if more fully developed. There is very little dialog, but the vocabulary, perhaps because of the superior translation, is somewhat more … Continue reading “Link of Hearts: Misnamed Battle Land”

Destiny Fantasia: Post Game is the Attraction

Destiny Fantasia: Post Game is the Attraction The story told in Destiny Fantasia has a good hook: a killer comet is about to smash the earth and destroy humanity.  A group of the “good guys” has an uncertain and untested theory about how to prevent this catastrophe, but they suddenly find themselves at war with … Continue reading “Destiny Fantasia: Post Game is the Attraction”

Eve of the Genesis: Simple, Easy, but OK

Easy but OK Eve of the Genesis is a well executed straight forward turned-based RPG. Its strengths are its minimal learning curve, opportunity for extensive customization of equipment and skills, and its tightly controlled completely linear progression which protects the player from missables and getting lost. Its weaknesses are its lack of character development and … Continue reading “Eve of the Genesis: Simple, Easy, but OK”

Why Play Alphadia?

  Why Play Alphadia? What kind of pleasure can a player expect from Alphadia? Before I can answer this, I have to explain that Alphadia is actually two games, a normal and a bonus or optional. The two games offer distinctly different experiences. The normal game concludes with a battle against the “final” boss, whereas … Continue reading “Why Play Alphadia?”

How Playable is Glorious Savior

This is my review of what we generally call “playability” (which excludes story, character, music, dialog, graphics, etc.) of Kemco’s “Glorious Savior.” I’ve played to completion almost every Kemco android rpg released in the United States, so I will try to place my comments in the context of these other games. I’ll begin with a … Continue reading “How Playable is Glorious Savior”

Glorious Savior: Wasted Potential….could have been better…

Overview: Glorious Savior was released in 2015 in Japan and on March 3, 2016 globally by Kemco/Exe-Create. The game is very similiar to Revenant Dogma in regards to gameplay, or maybe its safe to say that it is based on the engine on which Revenant Dogma was made ( Revenant Dogma itself used Alphadia Genesis … Continue reading “Glorious Savior: Wasted Potential….could have been better…”

Glorious Savior: Weapons/Skill system is annoying, but the story is top-notch

First of all… I regret to have to say that this game is NOT a sequel to Journey to Kreisia. (When I read about the Overlord and the Hero’s Sword, I was really hoping it would be…) You do fight an Overlord in this game – but definitely not the same one that’s in Kreisia. … Continue reading “Glorious Savior: Weapons/Skill system is annoying, but the story is top-notch”

Revenant Dogma: Average game, decent plot, interesting bonus content

First – You do not need to play Revenant Saga before playing this game! Two of the main characters from Saga make an appearance in this game, but you do not need to know anything about these character’s background in order to fully enjoy Revenant Dogma. — However, Revenant Saga explains how and why “Revenants” … Continue reading “Revenant Dogma: Average game, decent plot, interesting bonus content”

Nice game, could have been better….

Overview:   Revenant Dogma is the sequel and spiritual successor to Revenant Saga( released in 2014 ) and was released by Kemco and Exe-Create on 2015 in Japan and February 2016 globally. The game improves upon Revenant Saga in number of ways, the gameplay has evolved a little but more could have been done to … Continue reading “Nice game, could have been better….”

Symphony of the Origin: Relatively Average JRPG

Symphony of the Origin is worth a playthrough, especially if you find it on Amazon Underground (making the game and all in-app purchases (IAPs) free). Cons:  That being said, however, the game is like most Kemco games in that the translation leaves the dialogue feeling strained and drawn-out, there is not a significant amount of … Continue reading “Symphony of the Origin: Relatively Average JRPG”

Symphony of Eternity: This is NOT the Symphony of the Origin “sequel”

Symphony of Eternity is called by some the “sequel” to Symphony of the Origin, but I always felt that the story takes places before the one in Origin, which would actually make this game the “unofficial” prequel. The only thing that ties the two games together is that the Elf leader and the Dwarf leader … Continue reading “Symphony of Eternity: This is NOT the Symphony of the Origin “sequel””

Asdivine Menace: Okay This Was Good….

The Spiritual Successor aswell as the Sequel to Asdivine Dios, Asdivine Menace was Released in 2015 In Japan, and in 2016 Globally By Kemco and Exe-Create Game. This game is vastly better than its predecessor in both story and gameplay, and is thus a fulfilling game, having a good amount of Bonus Content and almost … Continue reading “Asdivine Menace: Okay This Was Good….”

Machine Knight: An Awesome Game that Should Be Played By Every RPG fan

Machine Knight was released in 2012 by Kemco and Hit-Point. Though It does look like it has aged, this is still by far the most interesting, very challenging and the most satisfying game I have played by Kemco, The game holds its Merits, And has Easily Left Some newer Kemco games to the dust. If … Continue reading “Machine Knight: An Awesome Game that Should Be Played By Every RPG fan”

Justice Chronicles: If you’re looking for a challenge, this might be it

Justice Chronicles is quite possibly the most complex Kemco game I’ve ever played. Borrowing from Machine Knight, Bonds of the Skies, and Crystareino, it tells the story of a young man who must travel across two worlds to save the land from the evil High Beast Lord. Along the way, he meets a Battle Maiden, … Continue reading “Justice Chronicles: If you’re looking for a challenge, this might be it”

Eve of the Genesis: Simple, yet Elegant

In all honesty, it took me awhile to get around to playing this game. At first I was turned off by the graphics, and reviews that said it was basically just an RPG Maker-type game. I will admit the graphics and the menus in the game are not much to look at – however, I … Continue reading “Eve of the Genesis: Simple, yet Elegant”