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Welcome to the Peanut Gallery!

Welcome to the Peanut Gallery, where games and fun collide! The Peanut Gallery is the official blog for RPG Insanity, where we will cover all topics having anything and everything to do with mobile RPGs (and the reasons why we love them…) Hint: “free” and “portable.” Oh, and “fun.” Did we mention fun? Two years … Continue reading “Welcome to the Peanut Gallery!”

Covenant of Solitude: Leave it Alone in its Cave

I’ve played to completion, including post game, more than 20 Kemco RPGs. Where does Covenant rank? If there are about 40 Kemco English games, Solitude ranks around 45. Yes, unpublished games, vapor ware, or not playing anything is better than wasting your time on Covenant. PROS: you will miss nothing if you don’t complete the … Continue reading “Covenant of Solitude: Leave it Alone in its Cave”

Valkyria Soul: Odd, Repetitive, and Short

Who caused Ragnarok, the destruction of Valhalla and its gods? What did the Valkyrie and the rest of Valhalla really think of Odin? Was Loki framed? Is there a traitor in the ranks of the Valkyrie? Valkyria Soul spins its own tale of Nordic mythology as it probes these questions and others. You control the … Continue reading “Valkyria Soul: Odd, Repetitive, and Short”

Friendly Foes, Faux Friends, and Mortal Immortals

Silver Nornir: The Trial of Azatoth –broadcast LIVE We are proud to present a LIVE broadcast of the Trial of the boss monster Azatoth. It is charged with trying to destroy the world. Prosecutor: You destroyed the world twice, and are accused of attempting to destroy it again in this, the 3rd age. How do … Continue reading “Friendly Foes, Faux Friends, and Mortal Immortals”

Cross Hearts Arcadia: Interesting Ingredients, but Half-Baked

I find it hard to convey the flavor of this game: the mixture of features has some sweet, some bitter, but the final taste seems somehow flat. I will list some of the positive and negative features, and then describe them in detail. I’ll focus on play, but note that the story, while not unusual, … Continue reading “Cross Hearts Arcadia: Interesting Ingredients, but Half-Baked”

Soul of Deva: Good Battles for Solid Gaming

I played this game 3 years ago, and recently played it all the way through again. For some reason I found it tougher this time around (I’m older and slower), but I enjoyed it both times. Although the story isn’t anything special, and the characters rather stock, the main hero, Shin, is unusual: a half … Continue reading “Soul of Deva: Good Battles for Solid Gaming”

Fanatic Earth: Words, Words, Words

Words, Words, Words Fanatic Earth has one entertaining feature, but it isn’t graphic or game play.  The dialog in this rpg is full of humorous insults and put-downs.  The speech, translated by Kemco’s John Sears (who does many of their games), doesn’t feel like a translation.  It is more like he takes something that perhaps … Continue reading “Fanatic Earth: Words, Words, Words”

Legend of Ixtona: Choices Matter

Legend of Ixtona: Choices Matter! This is a mini-review of Legend of Ixtona in which my primary focus will be on the tactics and choices presented to the player.  Ixtona is a grid based tactical RPG.  There are no dungeons and no random battles, but instead individual arena-like battles against hordes of enemies.  You begin … Continue reading “Legend of Ixtona: Choices Matter”

Good addition to the Asdivine universe

Asdivine Cross is the fourth Asdivine game to be released in the U.S. Fans of Asdivine Dios and Asdivine Menace will quickly be at home with the overall gameplay, though the plot hearkens back to Asdivine Hearts, with the Light and Shadow Deities playing a central role in the story. However, Cross is marketed as … Continue reading “Good addition to the Asdivine universe”

Awesome 3D battles system + wonderful story

Just like Revenant Dogma and Glorious Savior, this game has an awesome 3D battle system. The uniqueness from this game is its storyline about a strong friendship, The main character(Albert) always gained support by his companions (Bruno,Esther and Julia) till the end. At first they have conflict and confront each other. But in the End, … Continue reading “Awesome 3D battles system + wonderful story”

The unlucky game that deserved a sequel

RPG Unlucky Hero (Samsung Galaxy S7) They say that Heroes; don’t wear capes (But in Jasper’s case, he does). Heroes also use swords (But in Jasper’s case, he uses a book to fight). Heroes also solve their problems and save the world by using brute force (But in Jasper’s case, He uses his wit and … Continue reading “The unlucky game that deserved a sequel”

Alphadia: You gotta start somewhere

So, last year, I finally decided it was that monumental time in my life to upgrade my phone to something that people could consider modern. In doing so, the local Verizon outlet tossed in a cheap tablet for, if not free, something pretty close to that. This left me with a question: Uh, what am … Continue reading “Alphadia: You gotta start somewhere”