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Chroma レイン says:
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Would be better if they only make it more longer - A messy Zombyte review

Raging Bytes is a great game however it comes with a lot of flaws, especially in its battle system entirely.

== Story ==
In the year 1970, a ‘containment’ went wrong and caused a Z.O.M.B.I.E outbreak in the fictional version of America.
You play as Ben, a police officer confined in a hospital after an accident during his duty as he awakes in an overrun city.
After he understands the outbreak situation, he ventures on an adventure in search of his ex-wife and his daughter. And in an unexpected chain of events, he meets new people that greatly help him on his journey. However, he’s not expecting that amid his journey, he found out the root
However, not expecting that amid his journey to find his lost family, he finds out the root of the chaos.

== Gameplay ==
The core gameplay of the game is looting, finding notes, and optional quests and side stories that make you intrigued about the virus.

== Controls ==
They manage to work the virtual joystick well even on bigger screens and better to play with a virtual joystick than with a keyboard.

== Battle System ==
The concept of turn-based zombie games is not bad, however, the battle system is the game’s main flaw and letdown.
The battle system is straightforwardly simplified to the Hit-Point battle system and keeps some aspects while changing some of them.
Characters’ normal attacks are replaced by Guns and Melee
On the other hand, Skills and Items are replaced by Character Passive and Serums.
And there are two ways and a goal to kill the zombies, either by ranged or close melee that will reduce your health based on its required percentage.
~~ Guns ~~
There are five types of guns and three types of ammo.
In guns: Pistols, Revolvers, Shotguns, Rifles, and Specials
In ammos: Pistols rounds, Revolver/Rifles rounds, and Shotgun rounds.
Each gun has its own unique passive and passives are depends on the weapon you got. This is heavily applied to Melees.
Example: Specials weapons cost no ammo and can help you to save a lot of pistol rounds in the early game.
Since they are ranged weapons, they can easily kill zombies before they reach the damage distance and great help to kill zombies in the backline and ranged attack zombies.
~~ Melees ~~
There are two types of Melees: Sharp and Blunt
Sharp deals high damage and requires minimal health as a penalty if you don’t manage to kill the zombie.
On the other hand, Blunt deals medium damages and has a high percentage of knockback, but so does the health penalty it does if you don’t manage to kill the zombie.
Either way, both Melees are risky and only necessary to do an attack if needed. Otherwise, unless you have a lot of serum, you’re just wasting your health.

== Other Elements ==
The map system of the game is similar to The Last Stand (flash game) series’ way of traveling to fictional America.

== Conclusion ==
The raging Bytes battle system is a hot mess but it should not stop you to play the game for its story.
However, depends on how you progress and play, it’s a 10hrs long game. And in my case is only 7.

  • Turn-based zombie game concept
  • Optional quests sub-stories
  • Guns and zombies
  • Characters background and development
  • Bitter reality of Z.A concept
  • Cliffhanger ending
  • Battle system
  • Ben's family past
  • Final boss battle design
  • Hidden key in the beginning of the game for the code puzzle at the end
  • Cliffhanger ending

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