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Cinnamon says:
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Disconnected from the Prequel? (SPOILERS)

This RPG was one of the first I played from Kemco and in retrospect, it isn’t as great of a game as I originally remembered but it is still very balanced in most aspects.

To start with, the characters are not as boring or generic as other games and the character development is definitely there. Fleon especially being the most mature out of the others. Of course, the girl characters want a love relationship with Caine but it did not feel as intrusive as other games. The supporting characters are decent as well. Elize in particular is the best out of them. Having turned on his brother for the sake of just having him close.

The story itself though is a whole different “story”. At times I felt on edge (such as Premier Dverg’s passing) but it’s not that great until you get near the end of the game where things get intense really fast and the stakes seem much high.

Part of this is due to the music. From what I have heard, some of it is reused from Revenant Saga. The final boss music is especially amazing. Kemco really never skips on the OST.

The balance in progression and grinding is not that great as difficulty for bosses ramps up and that makes it NECESSARY to use Ethereal Est dungeons. The battle system is generic at best but the reusing of Transformation mechanics gives it the flavor it needs. The exclusive skills though are a mixed bag as it raises the Limiter by quite a bit when changing to a different form for using a specific skill.

Recently I have taken notice of the particularly “ugly” aspects of the 3D system. Especially when in forest areas with the low quality grass textures and other textures also lacking good image quality.

The premium shop is lacking at best but does have a couple of items rhat interest me. Aside from that, end game is really lacking and this is where Glorious Savior shines as it has callbacks to many different games through the characters you fight in that game’s equivalent of Ethereal Est. Ethereal Est in general is just a vibe outside the dungeons and pretty packed in the last dungeon with that having it’s own soundtrack too.

As far as I’m concerned. It also seems to be mostly a standalone experience from Saga. Aside from a battle with Albert (or the Feral God), it is mainly a standalone game much like Asdivine Hearts 2.


  • Interesting story for the most part
  • Meaningful character progression
  • Good voice acting for characters and even bosses
  • Very good soundtrack
  • Simple but fun battle system
  • Steam port
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Humor can be cheap at times
  • Gets a bit too grindy at certain areas, mostly for Gold
  • SLOW RDP collection in Freemium
  • 3D could've been better
Rostyo says:
Battle System:
Skill System:

A well-made RPG with a deep and articulated story. Honestly, it’s my first review on the site and the first Kemco game I’ve ever played, my experience is mild.

Given my familiarity especially with Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest I can say that this has a pleasant and sophisticated interface.

A slight shortcoming that I have noticed is the disconnection of some events from each other (only in some cases), and the stories of the characters from each other but maybe that’s exactly what makes the story so intriguing and fascinating.

The game system is extremely smooth and not very complicated, the level increase too.

Weapon upgrading may be less monotonous, more exciting and elegant.

There is also Ethereal Est, a mystical world that players can access via wormhole-like portals that can be found in towns and villages where you can improve experience.

  • Fascinating and intriguing story
  • Sliding (even too much)
  • Rich range of weapons and memorabilia available
  • Articulated and original transformation system
  • The Ethereal Est is a good modality to encrease your experience
  • Stories of the characters a bit disconnected from each other
  • Sometimes too unfair
  • The gameplay has little sense of structure and with little elegance

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