Revenant Dogma

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There are 2 reviews for 'Revenant Dogma'.

Rostyo says:
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A well-made RPG with a deep and articulated story. Honestly, it’s my first review on the site and the first Kemco game I’ve ever played, my experience is mild.

Given my familiarity especially with Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest I can say that this has a pleasant and sophisticated interface.

A slight shortcoming that I have noticed is the disconnection of some events from each other (only in some cases), and the stories of the characters from each other but maybe that’s exactly what makes the story so intriguing and fascinating.

The game system is extremely smooth and not very complicated, the level increase too.

Weapon upgrading may be less monotonous, more exciting and elegant.

There is also Ethereal Est, a mystical world that players can access via wormhole-like portals that can be found in towns and villages where you can improve experience.

  • Fascinating and intriguing story
  • Sliding (even too much)
  • Rich range of weapons and memorabilia available
  • Articulated and original transformation system
  • The Ethereal Est is a good modality to encrease your experience
  • Stories of the characters a bit disconnected from each other
  • Sometimes too unfair
  • The gameplay has little sense of structure and with little elegance

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