Hints and Tips

Written by MSG Commander

Premium vs. Freemium

In the Premium version of the game, you get 1,000 free points for the IAP Shop.

There is nothing in the IAP Shop that you can't obtain by simply playing the game, so in this case the choice between Premium or Free is simply a matter of whether you want to pay for the game, or play the free version with ads.

Formation and Tactics

On the Strategy screen in the main menu, you can adjust your Formation, and your party's "Auto" Strategy. There's no Leader bonus, so it doesn't matter which character you put at the top of your formation. The Front Row gives +25% to damage dealt and damage taken, while the Back Row gives -25%, so if one party member is getting killed more than the others, you might want to move them to the Back Row.

Under Strategy, you can set individual or group settings for Auto battle. I typically use Full Throttle! or Balanced Diet! on all members.


There's only one set of Skills in this game, and it's conveniently called "Skills." (There's no magic, unisons, special limit breaks, etc.)

Each character learns their own unique skills, and they also learn specific skills that can only be used when they're transformed.


Characters can "transform" in battle to unlock specific skills and status boosts. While transformed, the Limiter bar slowly fills until it reaches 100%. At 100% you lose control of the character for 3 turns. (The Limiter can be lowered using certain items, or by untransforming, or winning the battle. It's also completely reset at Inns and Recovery points.)

There are four transformation types:


Specializes in all areas

All Status 10% up


Specializes in recovery skills

INT 30% up, other 5% up


Specializes in support skills

VIT 30% up, other 5% up


Final transformation

All Status 20% up

Treasure in Dungeons

There are two types of treasure: Luxury Chests and Wooden Chests.

Luxury Chests are fixed in one place, and once you open the chest and claim the contents, it remains there as an empty treasure chest.

Wooden Chests disappear when you open them, and reappear the next time you enter the dungeon. Their location and contents are randomly generated every time you enter a dungeon. (In other words you can go back through a previous dungeon, and collect new Wooden Chests each time - although I'm not entirely certain why you would want to.)