Customizing Weapons

Written by MSG Commander

The method for customizing weapons in this game is actually fairly straightforward, but if you've recently played the Asdivine games or other games with different methods, it may take some time adjust.

Weapons have two important stats: Base ATK, and Added Effect.

You can only raise a weapon's Base ATK by using Crystals. You can do this yourself from the main menu, or take the weapon to a Smith for a greater effect.

Weapons have four slots for added effects. If your weapon has an empty slot, you can use an Ore to add the effect you want.

The % of the effect is completely random, so always Save your game before adding Ore. That way if the % is low, you can reload and keep trying until you get a higher %.

You can also remove effects from a weapon if you have Disenchant Ore.

You can pay a Smith to "Break" weapons you don't want, and reclaim some of the Ores and Crystals that went into customizing that weapon, or you can sell the weapons at any Shop.

There is no reason to hold on to weapons that you're not using.

Strengthening Weapons

Base weapon

First of all, every weapon has a Base ATK. Stronger or higher level weapons have a higher Base ATK than weaker weapons, for example a Light Sword has a Base ATK of 40, while a Blood Sword has a Base ATK of 115.

You can raise the Base ATK of any weapon by using Crystals. Some of the Crystal types include:

Normal Crystal (S), Normal Crystal (L), Bronze Crystal (S), Bronze Crystal (L), Silver Crystal (S), and Silver Crystal (L).

Crystals only add EXP to raise the Base ATK!

Each weapon will show the "Required EXP for boost." This is how much EXP the weapon needs to get +1 added to the ATK. In this example, the Base ATK is 115, and the Required EXP for boost is 123. This means to get the Base ATK to 115+1, the weapon needs 123 EXP.

You can use Crystals from the main menu to boost the ATK - but if you go to a Smith, you'll get a better boost.

For example, Normal Crystal (S) adds +30 EXP if you add it from the menu. However, if you go to a Smith and use Normal Crystal (S), it adds +42. So, most of the time you want to save your Crystals, and only boost weapons in town. But if you need a slightly stronger weapon to beat a dungeon Boss, you can use the main menu to boost your weapons a little bit so you can (hopefully) beat the Boss.

Added Effects

Each weapon can have up to four Added Slots.

If you have no added effects, the weapon screen will show one Empty Slot.

Select that slot, then select the Ore you want to add, and it will add the desired effect to your weapon. It will also add a new Empty Slot, until you have four Added Slots total.

There are seven different types of Weapon Effects listed in the Help section:

Disassembling Weapons

At the Smith, you can also disassemble weapons you're no longer using to recover the Crystals and Ores in that weapon.

(Note: you'll only get these materials back if the weapon has an ATK boost or an Added Effect, so if it's just a basic Level 1 weapon, just sell it in any Shop.)