Sub Quests

Written by MSG Commander

01 Livestock Duty

Client: Pontus

Location: Candal Village

Description: Defeat 8 Sonic Wolves near Candal Village and report back to Pontus.

Reward: Encounter Ring Y

02 Find My Son

Client: Anya

Location: Aural City

Description: Find Alvin in Cocon Tunnel and bring him back to Anya.

Reward: Bliss Ore x2

Enter Cocon Tunnel and warp to the Entrance.

Go to the next screen (Cocon Tunnel Underground 1F.)

Alvin is on the east side of the dungeon.

After you find him, go back to Aural City and talk to Anya for your reward.

03 Herb Delivery

Client: Lars

Location: Judgment Village

Description: Bring the herbs to Thelma in Candal Village, and report back to Lars.

Reward: Hi Elixir x3

Thelma is in front of the statue next to the Inn and Weapons Shop.

04 Quality Fur

Client: Priest Kenneth

Location: Batan Village

Description: Obtain 2 Quality Fur from the driv beats near Batan Village, and give them to Priest Kenneth.

Reward: Encounter Ring B

05 Medicinal Plants

Client: Therian Doctor Orca

Location: Aural City

Description: Find medicinal plants in Mount Menchui or Resapp Caves for Doctor Orca.

Reward: 50,000 G

The location of the medicinal plant may be entirely random. I found it on the 2nd floor of Resapp Cave, but you may have to go to both locations in order to get one.

If you've completed Quest 04, you can equip the Encounter Ring B to either reduce or eliminate the random encounters while you're searching.

06 Sea Mob

Client: Fisherman Gogh

Location: Port Takeo

Description: Defeat 20 bluefish near Port Takeo and report back to Fisherman Gogh.

Reward: Life Gem x2

07 Ixelles the Thief

Client: Jessica

Location: Candal Village

Description: Defeat the thief who ran in to Poncham Shrine and recover Jessica's diary.

Reward: Undrop Ring

Go to Poncham Shrine and enter the one that looks like a mountain cave. Thief Ixelles is on Poncham Shrine Undeground 1F. After you talk to him, you'll have to fight him to get the diary.

After the battle, take the diary back to Jessica to claim your reward.

08 Soldier's Crest

Client: Soldier Allen

Location: Port Soul

Description: Find the dropped soldier's crest in Bart Prison and deliver it to Allen in Port Soul.

Reward: Weapon+ Gem x2

The crest is in Bart Prison 5F.

09 Therian Dish

Client: Gourmand Bobbie

Location: Navia Town

Description: Acquire the therian dish from Batan Village, and bring it to Gourmand Bobby.

Reward: Master Ore x2

Go to Batan and talk to Chef Doris (above the Inn). Then take the Therian Dish to Gourmand Bobbie.

10 Guild Renegade

Client: Guild Member Jean

Location: Ethereal Est Base

Description: Finish the renegade that ran to either Mount Menchui or Darek Forest, and report back to Jean.

Reward: VIT Ore 3, INT Ore 3, HP Ore 3 (Choose one)

11 Wanderer

Client: Feral God of Judgment

Location: Valley of Judgment

Description: Find the old man in the valley and bring him to the God of Judgment.

Reward: Feline Gem x2

(Note: First off, the Feral God of Judgment is located north of the midpoint. He has the appearance of a monster with the "Quest" symbol over his head.)

After unlocking the quest, warp to the Entrance, and go just a little to the left. The old man will see you, and run away.

Now you have to track him down through the rest of the dungeon.

Find him next on 5F in the northwest corner. He'll run away from you again.

Now go to the midpoint (7F) and warp back to the Entrance. Go to 3F and look for him in the center of the screen.

Now, go back to the Entrance and warp to the midpoint, and go back to the Feral God of Judgment to claim your reward.

12 Recipe Maker

Client: Chef Doris

Location: Port Takeo

Description: Defeat tera winds in Kep Seacave and get 4 drumsticks. Deliver them to Chef Doris.

Reward: HP Ore 3

13 Avenger

Client: Rita

Location: Navia Town

Description: Defeat the monsters in Poncham Shrine and report back to Rita.

Reward: Counter Ore x2, Giga Medicine All x2

14 Eliminate Assassin

Client: Feral King Subordinate

Location: Feral Realm Border Village (go through the vortex in Poncham Shrine)

Description: Defeat the assassin in the Feral Realm and report to the Feral King Subordinate.

Reward: Undead Gem x2

The assassin is on Feral Realm Border Underground 5F.

15 Tearstone Collector

Client: Lola, God of Rescue

Location: Holy Realm Border Village

Description: Defeat saint scales at the Holy Realm border and bring 6 tearstones to Lola.

Reward: STR Ore 3, SPD Ore 3, SP Ore 3 (Choose one)