Written by 3beez

01. Grandma’s Cookies

Client: Agnes

Location: Ravenna

Description: Please deliver that Bag of Cookies to my grandson, Henry. I believe he is playing near the inn.

Reward: Invigorate Gem x1

02. Ingested Poison

Client: Peter

Location: Ravenna

Description: Urgh! M-My stomach hurts so bad… Please hurry and bring me 1 Full Cure…

Reward: Normal Crystal (L) x5

03. Finishing Touches

Client: Lucy

Location: Rhys

Description: I’m sure there should be Scarlet Pimpernels growing just outside the village. I’ll be a good girl and wait here while you’re looking for one for me!

Reward: Adroit x1

Look for the flashing object southwest of Rhys.

04. An Ingredient for a Painkiller

Client: Jane

Location: Rhys

Description: In order to make a painkiller for my grandfather’s acute back pain, I’ll need 1 Hard Fang from a Werewolf.

Reward: Copper Crystal (S) x5

05. Letter to an Old Friend

Client: Edward

Location: Rhys

Description: That letter goes to Tom in Ravenna. He is roughly my same age, so he should not be too difficult to track down.

Reward: Gold Ring x1

06. Bet You Can’t Find Me

Client: Leonard

Location: Grinoch

Description: My friends call me the “King of Stealth,” so let’s see if you can find me!

Reward: Klepto Ore x4

You can find him behind tree north of the inn, then behind Weapon's Shop, and finally, behind the Order branch building. Leonard, however, is a poor sport, and will have a meltdown.

Leave town and then reenter. Speak to Leonard, again.

07. Protect the Herbs

Client: Deborah

Location: Grinoch

Description: Please exterminate 4 Orcs that inhabit Alsey Woods!

Reward: Even Gem x1

08. Heavenly Fruit

Client: William

Location: Grinoch

Description: I want you to get me a Roko Fruit from Alsey Woods. They have a brilliant luster to them, so they're hard to miss if you come across them!

Reward: Copper Crystal (L) x8

From the entrance, take the lower path and meander through the next screen until you reach the bridge path.

On the bridge pathe go south, west, north, west, north. Prepare to fight the Plunderer. You will get the Roko Fruit automatically after defeating it.

09. Fighting Poison

Client: Peter

Location: Rivorno

Description: Urgh! M-My stomach hurts so bad… Please hurry and bring me 10 Full Cures…

Reward: Terminator Gem x1

10. Love Poem Support

Client: Daniel

Location: Rivorno

Description: I'll be starting my 30th draft, so if it looks like I'm going to screw up, I'd like you to come over and cheer me on! I'm counting on you!

Reward: Maintenance Ring x1

Daniel will need to be encouraged three times. After speaking to him the first time, leave the town. Re-enter and speak to him again. Choose "You can do it!" Leave the town again. Repeat two more times.

11. Fish Bait

Client: Elinor

Location: Rivorno

Description: What I need for fishing is 2 Barnacles from the Killer Fish that live in the sea. If you get me them, I'll be happy to give you a demonstration…

Reward: Sonic Gem x1

12. Reason Unable to Travel

Client: Florence

Location: Tarrant

Description: What I want you to do is exterminate 6 Killer slugs living here around Tarrant.

Reward: Tough Ring x1

13. Whereabouts of Whiskey

Client: Gilbert

Location: Tarrant

Description: All I can say is I hid my last bottle of whiskey in the shadow of a tree somewhere here in the village. Now please help me find it!

Reward: Silver Crystal (L) x4

Go north and slightly east from Gilbert. There's a tree behind the boy NPC. See the faint sparkly? That's it!

14. A Maid's Request

Client: Hannah

Location: Cairns

Description: About the Mad Slimes that live in the vicinity outside town, if I could, I would like you to get 3 Slime Extracts from them. I'll be waiting!

Reward: First Ring x1

15. A Trio Of Portraits

Client: Paul

Location: Cairns

Description: Please find my 3 Portraits that were taken by the wind. I assume they are still somewhere here in town.

Reward: Next Gem x1

Locations of the portraits are - 1. In the trees, north and east of Paul. 2. In the trees, slighty NW of the Inn. 3. Beside the tree in front of the Mayor's house (SW Cairns).

16. A Gift to a Good Friend

Client: Tom

Location: Ravenna

Description: Please deliver that Present to Edward in Rhys and let me know after you have done so.

Reward: Effect Gem x1

17. Battle for Immunity

Client: Peter

Location: Royal City

Description: Please bring me back 3 Poison Ores. I hear you can get them from the Wild Bulls that live in the area near the city here!

Reward: Revive Gem x1

18. Proof of Her Existence

Client: Emma

Location: Royal City

Description: I know my best friend didn't wear much jewelry, but I would like you to find the Turquoise Pendant I gave her. I believe it's still somewhere in Motrihl.

Reward: Weapon+ Ring x1

To get to the pendant, follow the path north past the soldier. The shortcut is now open; so, you can go through the break in the trees on the left. Continue up through the dirt patch and then, east onto the grass. See the sparkly? There you go!

19. A Merchant's Delimma

Client: Florence

Location: Cairns

Description: What I want you to do is exterminate 8 Sand Scorpions living here around Cairns.

Reward: Gold Crystal (L) x20

20. Soft-Bodied Fear

Client: Samuel

Location: Royal City

Description: I want you to defeat the slime in Anvil Pass. Remember though, it's huge! Now good luck and be extra careful!

Reward: Ultimate Crystal (S) x10

The slime is found in the center (grassy) section of Anvil Pass. From the western entrance (Royal City side), follow the path north. At the intersection, go east. Go north up the first fork, then up the west stairs (no spikes).

Follow the path around. At the next intersection, continue west and go north onto the bridge path. Now that you're back on the stone, continue north. Go east. Bypass the steps with spikes and meander southward.

At the intersection, proceed north up the stairs and east to the outside. Dizzy yet? Amost there!  Go around and into the doorway. The path is a straight shot here. No intersections. Just keep going until you come back outside.

Go east up the stairs. Up another set of stairs. At the intersection, go south until you see the big hole. Go west. Finally! Now go beat the Slime. And if I were you, I'd use an Escape Feather to get out of here. 😉