Revenant Dogma: Average game, decent plot, interesting bonus content

First - You do not need to play Revenant Saga before playing this game!

Two of the main characters from Saga make an appearance in this game, but you do not need to know anything about these character's background in order to fully enjoy Revenant Dogma.

-- However, Revenant Saga explains how and why "Revenants" were made in the first place, and Revenant Dogma does not. So, if you have played Revenant Saga you'll understand the "Revenant Universe" better, but still you don't need to have this background information either --

Now, on to the game...

The basic story, game play, etc. is probably on the below-average scale for Exe Create games. It's decent, but there's nothing about the basic story that really blows me away. Also they throw you into the story pretty early on, without any kind of buildup or "get to know the characters or the world you're in."

But I guess this is actually quite typical of some RPGs so it's not that big of a deal.

Some of the dialogue is... well, pretty direct. There's no swearing or really suggestive dialogue, but there were some moments when I thought Fleon (one of the main characters) was a little too abrupt, talking about bodily functions and that sort of thing.

I wouldn't say it's "bad" language, but the subject material might be right on the edge so you may want to play through this one yourself before you just hand it to your 7-year-old.

Overall I enjoyed the game, and I came to like the characters and the world they're in, etc.

I do wish the game would've ended with the "Normal End" though.

It would have been more satisfying, rather than having the Normal End be pretty tragic, but then be able to reload for the "True End" and get the happy ending after all. (Sometimes a tragic ending that can't be undone by a second play through makes the game more memorable, in my opinion.)

I really liked the bonus dungeon and the optional bonus boss, "Guild Hero." I think it was set up so you'd have to use the dungeon to grind to a high enough level to beat Guild Hero - but once you have defeated him, there's no real incentive to keep grinding in the "endless" dungeon that only very rarely gives really valuable rewards.

One feature that was new to me in this game (although it may have been in others, and I just never knew) is the ability to break a weapon and retrieve some of the materials you've attached to it.

(i.e. if you had a Critical effect on your weapon, you could break the weapon to try to get the critical Ore, and if successful you could then put it on your new weapon.)

My biggest complaint with the break feature, though, is how long it takes to get the Ore that you really want. The results are completely random, so you can Save your game before you break a weapon, and if you don't get what you want, just reload and try again. But, it can take up to an hour of reloading your game sometimes to get the Ore you really want, so for most of the game it's hardly worth the effort.

A few of the normal dungeons in the game are a bit confusing - but if you have one of the encounter rings that eliminates either all random encounters, or just encounters with weaker enemies, you can equip that and explore the dungeon "monster free," so that's actually pretty helpful.

You can probably finish the game up to the second end in about 12 to 14 hours, and the bonus dungeon and Guild Hero can add a few hours or another day or two to that time, depending on the difficulty level and grinding approach. So, overall the game is on the short side - but it is pretty enjoyable and honestly if they'd made it much longer, it might be too much for some people.

So, overall I would recommend this game to other players. I don't think it's one of Kemco's best RPGs, but I think it's definitely as good as their other "average" titles.

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