Bonded by Tradition

Allrighty. Heads up to anyone that may be reading this review. It's my first one so don't hesitate to critique it or oppose my opinion. With that in mind, hope this review helps.

BONDS OF THE SKIES REVIEW (Samsung Galaxy Note 2)


The game opens up with Eli, a young swordsman in the village of Dragonika that is later attacked by the Fire Grimona(God). Eli then gains the power of the Wind God and goes on a journey with another young vigilante named Iks and a tomboyish girl named Avi. They utilize the power of the Grimonas (Wind, Water, Wood, Iron, Earth, and Lighting) in order to put a stop to the Fire Grimona that seeks to cause destruction against innocents.

Personally, the plot is nothing new from JRPGS of old but the dialogue is interesting to read through, if not too predictable at times.  


The gameplay is reminiscent of traditional Dragon Quest games with battles being fought in 1st person and a simple command selection (Attack, Skill, Synchro, Items, Defend). You are able to change the order of your party even in battle as the closer a party member is to the enemy, the more damage they will take and deal. The game also lets you use Grimonas in battle by allowing character to use Magic and inherit Passive Skills. Each character has 6 skill slots with a specified number of skill points they have. In order to fill up one of their slots with skills, they must expand SP to allocate skills. 

EXAMPLE: I want to teach Eli the skill "Gale Slash". Gale Slash costs 3 points to allocate. I have 15 SP to allocate. I Assign the skill to one of the 6 skill slots and I am left with 12 SP left. If i remove "Gale Slash", I will gain a Skill slot and 3 SP back giving me 15 SP.

SP is earned when a character gains levels allowing the character to have more damaging skills. Grimonas also level up with your characters in battle allowing more skills to be unlocked. Characters can swap Grimonas to gain a skill set they need. There is also a "Synchro Gague" that when filled either by dealing or taking damage, allows the characters to synchronize with the Grimonas and unlock deadly skills while also restoring a small amount of MP per turn.

I find the Skill system underutilized in this game because I feel that it would have been nice to combine the skills of 2 Grimonas for stronger attacks but overall varied. It becomes obvious which Grimonas are to be utilized  by their specific character. You can even beat the game with the same Grimonas and not change them out to try the other Grimonas.

Play Time: 10+ hours (completionist)

IAP Content

The IAP content is the Training grounds worth 150 Folklore points that provides IAP exclusive treasure (some is good, some isn't) that is meant to be beaten at the end of the game. The reward for completion is the "Certificate of Ultimate Achivement" accessory that converts a portion of the damage taken into MP(Not very good). The Training camp is styled like a battle arena with treasures being offered after the successful defeat of the monsters. I feel that this is not a good IAP dungeon to invest in since the only accessories that are useful at the endgame are the ones that block "Darkness" and "Paralysis".

Closing Summary:

I found the game to be somewhat enjoyable for the dialogue and basic combat. However, the plot fails to pull me in. I would rate this a game that is only worth 2-3 dollars at best. I recommend waiting for a sale or watch you tube videos before you purchase this game.


With that, LEMMY OUT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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