Revenant Saga: First 3d kemco game I played

first, I don't need download additional data after installation for this game. and it's 3d.... sure eats more RAM than usually.


Story 9/10 :

I get the emotion/feeling on this game story. if i can say there is a tragedy element,

but, the ending not really tragedy. just like naruto that have bijuu on his body. this character game get soul of demon. on naruto this called jinchuuriki on this game called revenant. the demon is trying for control of his body. just like one person have to soul and communicate each other.

This game not really have romance, but friendship. Little humor/comedy too.

Gameplay 8/10 :

Stunning 3d battle if i can say for this tipe RPG. yeah when battle you can use your demon soul, but if tou get tke over by your demon you can't control it on the battle. I think when demon take over it's really strong, but can't control it.

Character 8/10 :

each character have unique personality and have part on the story not just some side story. and i can say MC is interseting too.


My conclusion the strong point for this game is story and 3d system on battle.



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