Friendly Foes, Faux Friends, and Mortal Immortals

Silver Nornir: The Trial of Azatoth --broadcast LIVE

We are proud to present a LIVE broadcast of the Trial of the boss monster Azatoth. It is charged with trying to destroy the world.

Prosecutor: You destroyed the world twice, and are accused of attempting to destroy it again in this, the 3rd age. How do you plead?

AZ:Not guilty.

P:You destroyed the world twice and yet you are not guilty? How is that possible?

AZ: Well, I created all that great stuff. Like the magic crystals that gain power from battles. And unlike some other weak creators, my crystals can be used by anybody. So if some would-be hero like EIN raises a fire crystal to a 10 (the max), he can give it to a weakling like Elena and she can immediately use it as a 10.

P:That is a little different. Anything else?

AZ:Sure, I'm a generous destroyer of worlds. I created 6 different crystals, so everybody with 2 crystals has 10 different combinations possible. And like they say on TV, that's not all folks. I let everybody have a 3rd crystal! But wait, even that's not all. Late in the game, sorry, I mean shortly before I destroy the world, I reveal a bunch of new crystal types, and even some that can be raised to 30 power with new magic! So you see, yes, I destroy, but I also create.

And I'm not stingy with my creations. To give those weak humans, cyborgs, and other creatures a fighting chance against my awesomeness, I gave them skills, and even special skills, in addition to magic. Drives them crazy, as they need SP for skills, TP for Special skills, and MP for magic--I laugh to see them scramble to build up all those different points.

P: Well, that is generous of you to give them so many choices and ways to attack you. With those crystals at 30, I guess you must be worried.

AZ: To show you what a nice monster I am, and convince you I am not guilty, I'll let you in on a little secret: you don't need all that. Just blast away with the Special skills and you can send me back into the ether before I can destroy the world. But my enemies get so enamored of all the different combinations of crystals that they sometimes overlook the obvious.

They really are fun to watch. Every day I watch that soap opera you broadcast with all 10 of the heroes trying to challenge me. Many of them have a secret, sometimes unknown to themselves, and I like to watch them search for answers. What a story!

They are a laugh riot: sometimes foes join friends in combat, sometimes friends gang up on other friends, and the teams get all jumbled up. You never know what will happen: maybe it will be one on one, maybe 1 against 5, or some other configuration. You don't see something like that very often in Kemco land.

P: Yes, that is one of our highest rated shows. We make sure that even players not active in a battle share equally in the experience reward so that they don't get left behind.

AZ: And could I possibly be guilty if I create such a variety of puzzles: light the candles, hop on the lily pads, ride the carts, answer a riddle, and cover the ground with footsteps? Where else could you find such an abundance of entertainment?

P: Nice try, but that doesn't wash. Has anybody older than 5 years ever not solved a puzzle?

AZ: There was a rumor on the internet that one 6 year old gave up.
Finally, is anybody like me who loses to every challenger strong enough to destroy the world? You can't be serious.

Studio Announcer: we have lost audio, but we will continue to stream the video. A huge monster has crashed through the ceiling, and is breathing fire and devouring everything in sight. He looks like a twin to Azatoth, perhaps a neo-Azatoth living in another universe, like a post game. Oh no, we've lost image now too. Our satellite view shows just scorched earth where the courthouse was located. I've been told to sign off and seek shelter. Goodbye.


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