Alphadia: Fun game, but image size makes dungeons impossible to navigate

This is the 3rd Kemco game I ever played, and while I enjoyed it, it was way too long and for no good reason. (Note: It's much shorter, and better, if you use the maps in the Location Walkthrough for this game.)

The dungeons were horribly complex (I had to use graph paper to map out some of the dungeons just so I wouldn't get lost), and the battles were far too easy.

The story was pretty good, but after 15 hours or so, I was ready for it to end. I did not particularly enjoy the last 5 hours of having to go through yet another insanely long dungeon, and trying to keep track of where I'd been so as to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

It took awhile to get used to the random encounters after playing Symphony of Eternity and Symphony of the Origin. In Symphony of Eternity and Symphony of the Origin, you can see the monsters (and usually avoid them, if you want.) And running into random encounters all the time in this game, whilst trying to make maps so I don't get lost, was incredibly frustrating.

One cool thing about Alphadia is that after you beat it, you unlock their "cheat mode" and one of the options then is to turn off random encounters when you want to. (Of course that's only useful if you ever replay the game, which a lot of people probably won't due to the large image size.)

This game started out looking to be really promising, but in the end the battles were way too easy and the dungeons were way too complicated. It took me over 25 hours to beat the game, and at that I wound up skipping the quest at the end for "epic weapons," because I just wanted the game to end. If the battles had been harder, I might have been okay with such a long game.

The one saving grace in this game is that the story is really incredible. It feels exactly like an old NES or Sega RPG (only with much worse dialogue!)

I don't know if this was one of Kemco's first attempts at a mobile RPG, or what. There's honestly a lot that I did NOT like about this game - but, like I said, the story makes it all worthwhile.

So, for gameplay, I'd probably give this 4/10. (It's not always that fun, exciting, or interesting.)

But, for pure story, I give it a straight up 10/10. If you can put up with all the flaws in this game, you will fall in love with the story.

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