Good addition to the Asdivine universe

Asdivine Cross is the fourth Asdivine game to be released in the U.S.

Fans of Asdivine Dios and Asdivine Menace will quickly be at home with the overall gameplay, though the plot hearkens back to Asdivine Hearts, with the Light and Shadow Deities playing a central role in the story.

However, Cross is marketed as a "stand-alone" game, in which the characters reside in the Asdivine universe - but have no connection to the characters or the stories from the other games. As such, you can play this game even if you haven't played any of the others.

Asdivine Cross introduces a new group of characters in the Asdivine universe: a thief who protects women and children, a princess who is deceived by the king's adviser, a priestess who serves the Shadow Deity, and the princess' long lost sister, who nobody knew existed.

The weapon system, and basic magic and skill system, are almost identical to Asdivine Menace, with two exceptions: 1.) Delete fossils can now be used to delete any weapon effect of your choosing, and 2.) Lucile (the princess' sister) has the ability to learn any skill or magic spell used by enemies, and other party members.

While the small change in how Delete fossils work won't have much impact on casual players, Lucile's ability introduces an aspect into Asdivine Cross that gives the game a unique feel, and helps to set it apart from both Dios and Menace.

Additionally, this game incorporates a New Game+ feature (similar to that of Journey to Kreisia). On completing the Normal End, players can replay the game from the beginning, but with all of their skills, levels, items, etc. intact. Throughout the New Game+, small scenes are added in to give the story greater depth, and to help develop the plot line that leads up to the True End. (There are also bonus areas in some of the dungeons you go through, that are only accessible in the New Game+.)

Bonus content for the game includes the Forgotten Village, with a secret arena, a training accelerator (basically an endless monster fight against increasingly stronger enemies), and Maidame Curie's ever popular Gazillion Challenge. It also includes two bonus dungeons - Legendary Sewers, which opens up over the course of New Game+, and the Timewarp Tower, which must be bought through IAP.

Overall, the story and the gameplay are fairly sophisticated. The characters seem to be a bit more developed than in Dios or Menace, though there is the typical arguing among the girls (but, thankfully, there's no endless fawning over the male lead, as was the case in both Dios and Menace.) The game itself takes quite some time to finish, and then if you also do all the bonus material, it can easily add several more hours to the game.

Bottom Line: If you enjoy the other Asdivine games, you'll like this one (and hopefully appreciate all the things that make this game unique.) And, if you have not yet played the other Asdivine games, you won't be missing anything if you start with this one. All around, I found this to be a fun, fresh, and sometimes challenging game, and I have no reservations when it comes to recommending this game to other players.

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