Asdivine Dios: Great story, all around fun game

Asdivine Dios is the second installment in the Asdivine series. But, it's not exactly a sequel to Asdivine Hearts - none of the same characters are involved, and Dios has a whole new storyline that has nothing to do with the story in Hearts. (The only thing the games really have in common is they both take place in the world of Asdivine.)

In Asdivine Dios, you play as the God of Asdivine. The world is in danger of being destroyed, and the god Izayoi (and his three female companions) is the only one who can stop it.

Overall gameplay is really good. It's fairly easy to find your way around on the World Map, and in most locations. (The dungeons all have mini-maps, which are extremely helpful later in the game.)

It has a good skill system, nice menus, and options to upgrade and customize your weapons and armor. One of the best features, and most overlooked, is the Unison attacks. Unisons allow two party members to perform a skill that is much more powerful than any single skill or attack, allowing you to do massive amounts of damage to bosses.

It has multiple difficulty settings (I usually play on Normal, but it also has Hard mode and Expert mode if you really want a challenge.)

I can say I really enjoyed pretty much everything about this game. The dialogue was really good, and the plot was interesting and had the usual twists and surprises I would expect from a Kemco game, and the dungeons and Bosses presented just the right amount of challenge to keep me engaged.

There were some elements of Asdivine Hearts that I actually liked more than Asdivine Dios, but overall I would say this game is definitely worth playing.

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  1. Izashiki says:

    I have finished asdivine’s the first kemco’s game i played and getting curious..and here i am,become jrpg fans as you know

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