Justice Chronicles: If you’re looking for a challenge, this might be it

Justice Chronicles is quite possibly the most complex Kemco game I've ever played.

Borrowing from Machine Knight, Bonds of the Skies, and Crystareino, it tells the story of a young man who must travel across two worlds to save the land from the evil High Beast Lord. Along the way, he meets a Battle Maiden, a witch, and a handful of Holy Messengers to aid him in his quest.

If you've played Machine Knight or Bonds of the Skies, the weapon system will be familiar - although much improved over those two games. To strengthen your equipment you must gather materials, but instead of going to a blacksmith in town, you can strengthen your gear directly from the menu.

The music and the graphics are reminiscent of Crystareino, as are the plot twists and the interchangeable characters. There are no Job classes, but each character does learn their own skill set. Additionally, you can learn skills through magic meteorites that can be transferred from one character to another.

Most of the dungeons are not overly complicated, but the image size is such that it's often hard to find your way (unless you use the Dungeon Maps).

There's a lot of dialogue - maybe too much at times - but it's all been translated very well, and there's a lot of good, clean humor (along with a few well-placed innuendos).

One thing you should know before buying this game: this is probably the first Kemco game I've played where you honestly have to grind in several spots in order to beat the next Boss. (Usually I can just change my strategy a bit, or adjust the difficulty settings. Not so in Justice Chronicles.) Some people may not like this. I didn't, but in the end it was all worth it.

I like this game so much I played it twice in a row. (In fact, I stopped playing Asdivine Menace halfway through, to finish my second play through of Justice Chronicles.)

If you're looking for a casual JRPG, that you can easily pick up and put back down until you feel like playing again, this is not it. But if you want a real challenge (and one that will take you at least 30 hours - maybe closer to 40), this game will not disappoint.

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