Alphadia 2: Infinitely better than the original!

I played Alphadia and while I really like the storyline, there were a lot of things about the original that I just didn't like at all:


All of these problems have been corrected in Alphadia 2!

The battles are still easy, but not so much that you can just auto your way through all the time.

A few dungeons were really hard, but the mini map made it much easier to find my way, and the side quests and guild missions actually add to the overall game experience.

The graphics are much better, as is the battle system. And the story is also top-notch.

I spent 65 hours on this game and completed all the side quests and missions, and got the legendary weapons and armor, and I don't feel like a single minute of that time was wasted on grinding or on stupid quests that led nowhere.

Bottom line: If you liked the story in Alphadia but thought there was a lot of room for improvement, you'll likely be quite satisfied with the changes they made in Alphadia 2. Just be prepared for a LONG game.

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