Crystareino: Destined to be an Instant Classic

Crystareino is one of those games that you either love it, or you hate it. Personally, I love Love LOVE it! This is one of only 3 Kemco games, that once I started playing it I literally could not put it down! (The other two are Symphony of the Origin and Justice Chronicles.)

While borrowing some elements from other games, there's enough that's new and unique to Crystareino to make it truly stand out. Some of those elements make the game more exciting, and some make it more frustrating (for example, you have to set an item in your character's inventory before you can use that item in battle - but, you'll rarely need to use items in battle if you have a well-balanced team...)

Crystareino is a fun game with a good storyline and lots of options for personalizing your characters.

That being said, it is a pain to have to set items in your character's inventory, and it does get tedious travelling the mountain path, and it is frustrating to have to go back to the same town every time you want to change classes, but so what? It'd be worse if the devs gave us a game where everything is handed to you, and every battle was a guaranteed win.

I'm glad this game is frustrating, that means it's actually a challenge. (Wait, I paid 4 dollars for a game, and the devs expect me to think? Oh Heavens!)

All in all this game is as close as I've seen Kemco come to reproducing the look and the feel of the games we played and loved in the early 90's. I love it and I'm looking forward to more like this one.

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