Elio is NOT the Typical Kemco RPG

Elio: A Fantasie of Light and Darkness is not AT ALL the typical Kemco JRPG.

This in itself may turn a lot of players off; however, for what it is, it's about as good as other games of the same type.

My first impression of Elio was that it's essentially a Brave Frontier type of game, and 22 hours of gameplay convinces me that this is in fact the case. The one plus for Elio, is that unlike Brave Frontier and other such MMOs, Elio actually ends. (So there's no worry about spending 4 months playing the game everyday, and dropping who knows how much $ on crystals, only to wake up one more and realize, "Well this was fun for the first week but after that I've just been wasting my time and money for nothing.") -- No offense to players who like those MMOs, but for me when it becomes obvious pay to play, the fun is over and it's time to move on...

Anyway, the basic game play in Elio revolves around completing a dungeon and training/evolving your units, and then doing it again. And again and again and again and again.... The dungeons are pretty simple and basic. Your units are "summoned" through Slots, and you can combine multiple units into one, to increase their level or "evolve" them from Normal, to Rare, to Super Rare. (You can also use crystals to summon Ultra Rare units, but it's a low success rate and you don't need Ultra Rare to finish the game, so I hoarded all my crystals and spent them on weapons instead.)

If this is not your idea of a good game, you can stop reading here... Otherwise...

I have to admit, I do enjoy MMOs of this type - for about a week. (And then it becomes very repetitive, and either takes a LOT of grinding or a LOT of cash to keep making progress, and I get bored and go back to Google Play to look for something else.) Elio allows me to enjoy this type of game for 20-24 hours, and be done! And then go look for something else. So, from my perspective that is the ONE redeeming quality about this game - it actually comes to an end.

Now, a bit about gameplay:

You start the game with two party members but quickly expand to four. Each party member can be assigned any "Class Soul" (basically a job class.) Class Souls are 100% interchangeable. A Normal Class Soul can be evolved to Rare (higher stats and better attack power etc.), and Rare can be evolved to Super Rare.

There are five elements in the game: Fire, Wood, Water, Dark, and Light. Fire is strong against Wood, Wood is strong against Water, and Water is strong against Fire. Dark and Light are strong against each other. Class Souls come with one element, except for the Ultra Rare types which are often a combination of two elements (but Ultra Rare can only be summoned with crystals, and are completely unnecessary anyway.)

Example: If you summon a Warrior, that Warrior can be Fire, Wood, Water, Dark or Light (and it's completely random which one you'll get.) A Normal Warrior can be evolved to a Rare unit. That Rare unit is exactly the same regardless of which element it possesses - only a Fire-type Warrior will have a "Fire attack skill" while the Dark-type will have a "Dark attack skill," and so on. (But it's the same skill, just with a different added element.)

(Personal recommendation: Go with all Dark-type units. They're not weak against Fire, Wood or Water, so the enemies will only do regular damage. They are weak against Light, but a bit of grinding will make them stronger than the enemy and then you'll have no problems.)

There are 4 buildings on your "home" screen. The Training Ground, where you evolve your Class Souls, the Weapons Shop, Armor Shop, and Temple. For the Weapons, Armor, and Temple, you need to collect Materials from enemies to upgrade these buildings, and the Materials are a pain to collect.

You also need "Quorite" to evolve your Class Souls, and Quorite is a real pain to collect. Your only chance to get this is during the once-a-day "Fever" mode, which increases the money and EXP you earn from battle, and the odds of stealing from enemies and bosses. Fever only lasts for 15 minutes, so you have to figure out how to make the most of this time, but once you do you can get four units to Super Rare in just 3-4 days.

The dungeons:

Each dungeon has four battles against random enemies, followed by a Boss battle. You go straight from one battle to the next, and there are no potions or anything to restore your HP (although there is a Healer class.) The format for every dungeon in the game is exactly the same; only the enemies and the bosses get stronger as you progress.

You can Auto the first four battles, and in fact if you want to you can Auto the Boss battles. You can also adjust the battle speed, up to x3. Some of the random enemies drop Materials (sometimes), and as you go further along, you can steal from some random enemies and almost every Boss (if you have a Burglar class.)

The story:

Just skip all the dialogue. It honestly doesn't matter AT ALL in this game. (It's not bad, but it's not that good either, and it certainly does not keep the game moving.)

The Final Boss:

Most likely when you first reach the Final Boss, you won't be able to beat him. But, go away for awhile and do some grinding (and evolve your Class Souls), and then he'll be a cinch. And then, the credits roll, and then you can do the "Special" dungeon if you want to (but I haven't done it and probably won't. Now that I beat the boss I've lost interest and I'm ready for something else.)

Now, the bad part - the IAP:

(Lifted straight from my post in the forum about this game)

"You do have to do a lot of pointless grinding - or fork over a ridiculous amount of $$$ to buy crystals to speed things up or buy "useful items" in the IAP Shop. Like, 6 crystals for $.99 - and 6 crystals won't buy you a thing.

25 crystals to "summon" ONE Class Soul; 150 crystals for ONE legendary weapon or armor. You do earn a LOT of crystals through game play, but I'm not sure how many. But I know I will not pay real money to get ahead in this game and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else either. The cost is literally astronomical (and, if this is a sign of things to come, I'm afraid I might reach a point where I will no longer support Kemco.)

I don't mind paying $5-10, every now and then, to buy enough Points to unlock EVERYTHING I could possibly want in a game (Bonus dungeons, extended scenarios, etc., in games where it's not really possible to unlock it all just through game play). But for this game, the highest dollar amount you can spend on crystals at one time is like $40 US. That's as bad as all the other MMOs on Google Play."

The good news is, you can beat the game without spending a dime. The bad news is, it takes around 22 hours or so, and a good 3/4 of that time will be spent grinding (seriously, you will do an insane amount of grinding if you want to beat this game.)

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a Kemco RPG, pass on this title.

Otherwise, it's not a bad time killer, if you want something that's mildly entertaining and that you'll only play for about an hour at a time. (Just don't expect anything really phenomenal from this one, or you'll be seriously disappointed.)

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