End of Aspiration Review

Note: This Game Was Released in 2011 by Kemco, Roughly The Same Time They Released Symphony of the Origin. While one is a masterpiece, the other one is not. So This can be also taken as a comparative analysis between the two games.


End of Aspiration was released in 2011 by Kemco and World Wide Software. While I hate being blunt and all, but this game is not worth your time and money. Period. If someone wants to buy this game, by all means do, however I implore them not to. This game seriously looks like that Kemco and WorldWideSoftware were looking to the test the waters for some unknown reasons.

This game seriously had a really good plot initiation, but the clichéd plot, ruined the game for me. All characters looked more like plastic dolls, and none of them had any expression of life in them. It had a really good concept of Atomigems, Accelerators and the lost civilization, but they felt more like a plot device carried forward by the emotionless characters.

In Short: The game has really good concepts but bad realization of these concepts.



The Plot also was bad, really bad. It was everywhere. Nothing almost all of the times wasn't sent in place. Traversing to new towns was aggravating since I never had the motivation to go there in the first place. Using Bandits as the antagonizing force was well and all but completely making a group of hoodlums so villainy never amused me. There was hardly anything about the Lost Civilization, and if it was, it was that they had great powers and technology so advanced to actually bring the dead back to life. So much more can be done about the Lost Civilization, but there was seriously nothing of it and served as a mere plot device.

Along with the Civilization, there was also the Accelerators and the Atomigems. These could have gone hand in hand and by themselves could have made the story worthwhile, but sadly they weren't even present half of the time. I wont go into detail here about them, but if you want to know, you can ask in the forums and I will happily tell you about them.

Plot Score: 2/10

Plot Concept: 7/10


The Gameplay was.... fine actually. I never gave this enough thought, but the fact that your characters have Guardian Beasts was actually amusing but their skills cannot be enhanced at all and they also do not earn new skills to the point they eventually become utterly obsolete. Your characters become so strong in comparison to the guardian beasts, makes you wonder why they were even there in the first place.

Leveling up is the same as every other RPG. However for Skills, you had to buy them from the shops in towns or at the vending machines in some dungeons. The thing is that they are pretty expensive to buy and you don't get much money from battles, while you can trade Items in towns and villages for a few pieces of Gold, well in the end a few pieces are still a few pieces.

Gameplay: 5/10


Like I previously stated earlier, the game has emotionless characters, you can't fully grasp into them. You can't grasp into the fact that how much troubled Eril is because of the debt at her orphanage. Or how Yute is sad about his father dying, who himself was a renowned trader.

They Feel Like Empty Dolls and all of the dialogues between them felt cumbersome to read at most of times. The story writer did a poor job making the character development and script of the game.

Characters: Very Weak.


Overall Score:


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