The unlucky game that deserved a sequel

RPG Unlucky Hero (Samsung Galaxy S7)

They say that Heroes; don't wear capes (But in Jasper's case, he does). Heroes also use swords (But in Jasper's case, he uses a book to fight). Heroes also solve their problems and save the world by using brute force (But in Jasper's case, He uses his wit and cunning to solve problems.) Lastly, heroes always prioritize saving the world over anything else (But in Jasper's case, he wants to live a peaceful life and read books.) This fellow Jasper certainly doesn't sound like a hero, does he? Well, you're in for a shock because he is the hero of the game called RPG Unlucky Hero made by EXE Create.


The land of Admantia is a land that is ravaged by war, slavery, and persecution as many wars have taken place on the continent with each leaders seeking to take control of the Sovergin Ring that determines the ruler of the Admantia Continent. There are also two races on the continent, Humans and Mages. Mages are as their namesake says, they have a natural talent for magic that has caused the humans to persecute the Mages and exterminate them.

Come to the present day where the story focuses on a young Mage named Jasper that is a hermit who enjoys reading books. He later gets his house destroyed by the Chaceldony army led by Mages that seek to control the world. Jasper manages to escape to the neighboring country of Aquaria whereas he meets and lives with Princess Christiel Diamont, the bearer of the Sovergin Ring that believes peace and kindness is the only way to unite the warring countries.

Jasper is the thrust into the war against Chaceldony as Christiel's main tactician that goes  to other kingdoms and takes  control by utilizing his wit so he doesn't have to fight. He is also aided by Christiel's impulsive sister Carnelia the swordswoman, Sardonis the emotional brigand, and Kyan, elderly servant of the Diamont family. 

The story of Unlucky Hero (UH) is the strongest point of the game due to the creativity at EXE Create as the player is always left wondering what tricks Jasper has under his sleeve as well as the complete reversal of the various character tropes used in JRPGs.

Gameplay-Standard Turn based RPG

If you've played Alphadia II, then you will soon feel at home with this game as UH shares strong similarities with Alphadia II and Journey of Kresia due to each character having their own unique skills that adds to the appeal of the characters in UH. However, UH is lacking in the customization of characters as each character has a set role that they have to follow. The only customization is in the accessories which are largely unimpressive.

UH also introduces the Tatics system in which Jasper can order the party to switch formations to their advantage in battle such as  "Fortify" which has all party members in the rearguard so they get 50% damage received and 50% damage dealt as well as improved resistances to status aliments. Jasper can also utilize Tatics which are special attacks dependent on formation that serve as the party's means of receiving buffs or dealing damage with other party members. As a result, UH encourages the player to switch formations for various mobs of enemies so that the player knows which skills to use on which mobs of enemies.

Play Time: 18+ Hours 

IAP Content


Closing Summary:

UH is the first non-Kemco RPG released by EXE Create that delivers an awesome and unique story as well as gameplay that encourages thinking rather than pressing AUTO. Despite the horrid translation in the app store, the game itself is actually very well translated and localized. However, UH lacks in postgame content aside from some side quests and just 2 bonus bosses.

With that, LEMMY OUT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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