Glorious Savior: Wasted Potential….could have been better…


Glorious Savior was released in 2015 in Japan and on March 3, 2016 globally by Kemco/Exe-Create. The game is very similiar to Revenant Dogma in regards to gameplay, or maybe its safe to say that it is based on the engine on which Revenant Dogma was made ( Revenant Dogma itself used Alphadia Genesis 2 engine ) albeit with a few tweaks here an there to accomodate the new 4 Weapon feature. The story is by far in the realm of cliches you could imagine, any cliche you can imagine is in the story of the game. The characters are by far the most amusing characters yet by Kemco standards; they are really well made and each and every character, i.e Rain, Viola, Soliel and April are very, very well made.

The game has a Mature +17 rating, and it is certainly not because of the #$%@ ( censored ). The theme of every dialogue is rather suggestive as well, even without the ( censored ) the dialogues are filled with innuendos ( so much that Fleon from Dogma looks like a kid compared to these guys ), and the theme of the story does lean on it, but it rather goes towards your everyday Kemco story, just when you expected that something more Dark or Eerie can be shown, but believe me if you go in the game by seeing the Mature rating and Expecting a very Dark, Gruesome and Eerie atmosphere and a very strong, non-cliched , innovative story line, than you are in a world of disappointment ( for which I am in .)

Thats basically the gist of the review above, however if you want to read more, please go on ahead by all means.



The story is line, is your usual fantasy type gimmick ( which by the way contrasted with the characters .) If I want to sum it up, the basic concept is really the same of that of Journey to Kreisia, i.e, the Hero Sword, the Overlord and your usual very pure ( by actions I mean, by thoughts, this guy is one heck of a playboy ) protagonist, and his group of friends. Though its much more than that....

The story starts of with a young nobleman Rain, who is summoned to the castle to go look for the missing Hero's Sword, though the Hierarchy of the nobles, do not like him one bit and thus find it deprecating to send him of to a noble quest of finding the Heroes Sword, which Julius ( A high ranking Knight ) can easily do, but Rain takes on the quest and goes on the journey with his attendent, Viola, to find the Heroes Sword. During all this a number of complications come in and the protagonist makes some lady friends ( Did I mention he is a play boy?), the complications being the rise of the Overlord, who caused massive calamity 300 years prior to the story now, and has thus awaken to take revenge on the ones who defiled and ruined him ( which pretty much happened 300 years ago as well, but he was defeated miserably and you can only find this pitiful guy laughable .) 

In the above the events I have told you by summing up the story, there are other few events, which are that they are thrown back in time 300 years ago ( wow, thats not a coincendence at all ) and many things happen like meeting the Hero and his Fiance and other relevant things, which you might not be paying attention to half of the time.

There are no plot twists in the story except one, which I will go into detail further, and you can easily know what will happen next, and I was rarely on the edge of the seat ( correction, I was not at all at the edge of my seat ). If a Kemco game that did a plot twist good was Justice Chronicles. If an Exe-Create game did a plot twist, that was Journey to Kreisia ( the same game ). This game has a very bad plot twist, on top of the non compelling story, that certain plot twist made me want to smash my phone on the nearest wall ( to my disarray, I really cant, since I am low on cash right now ). A good plot twist , is something that is built up on the sidelines and is shown in a few hints rather very subtely and through some dialogues as well. A bad plot twist is something that does not follow the said rules, and is thrown at you with a speed of sound. My gripe is not only the bad plot twist, but the content which the plot twist gave was the mother of Cliches, which I will certainly not mention here. Even though Journey to Kreisia had the same basic plot, the Plot twists were really entertaining, and you were expecting something everythime and the game delivered.

The concepts of the story are rather, very bland, and your typical cliches. It was Lack Luster in every sense of the word for me. Revenant Dogma had very cool concepts, but it failed to deliver. Glorious Savior had your typical concepts and even though it did deliver, I simply dont want a fantasy romance ( Which like Alphadia Genesis is quite centered around it, but from the other characters, rather than the protagonist themselves .) The romance is something which is kept on the side line, and not used as a plot device ( Poor Overlord ).

I know, there are somethings that others might like and I dont like, but that was my humble view, even though I can write on and on and it might feel redundant, so I will stop here....

Story Score: 6/10 ( this rating is still to much for me to give )


Okay, this game has by far the most awesome and the most intriguing characters of all Kemco games. Each character does not overpower and overshadow the other even in the slightest way, and each character has there own worth in the game. The Female Heroins are , you can say, not your very typical *Seeking for attention from an absurdly dumb protagonist* type, and each one of them, though show subtle affection ( Later on, it becomes prominent ) to the protagonist and hide it very well, so you can't really say that Rain is a dumb protagonist. The characters dialogue are so good that you will be literally be laughing. Even though most of the things are censored (Some arent )  you can pretty much know what they are saying ( I dont know whether the Japanese version had these dialogues or not, but the translator really out done him/herself and a big round of applause for him/her .)

The characters have very unique personalities ( Not counting Princess Bianca ) and each of them fitted very well with each other. I literally cant say anything anymore. If you want to play the game, play it for the characters, seriously, they are that good.

Character Score: 9.7/10


Hmm the gamplay is a carbon copy of Revenant Dogma..... the only thing different was the Weapon and Skills mechanic ( this is something extracted from Kreisia, but Kreisia did this better ) which could have been or would have been very good, if the developers themselves played it. The amount of Skills you get with a Weapon is 1, and you can only equip 2 weapons ( 4 Later, 2 are unlocked while playing the story ) , which means a total of skills ( or 4 ) each character has. I am not saying, that the mechanic is bad, it is really good and this really satisfies hard core players ( like me ) , who like to put in strategies and put large amount of there times on upgrading weapons. 

Anyway saying this from a normal players perspective, could make this game a nightmare to play. The game is not hard, it can become hard, due to the fact that normal players dont strategise and the game is very, very strict on this aspect. So the gameplay is actually catered towards, strong strategers, and those who play for gameplay ( they know what they are doing ) more than the story. I am the latter, since I like strategizing in every battle, and this game, will literally tickle your fancy if you like strategic RPG battles. From a normal persons stand point, this Mechanic is a total Flop, but in regards to hard core players, it delivers

Other than that, is the Fever( Aka Burst in other Kemco games)  when triggered gives you a set amount of turns to damage the enemies, using every weapon you have, The attacks in Fever are Powered up Normal attacks ( No Skills ) with special effects, like EXP up, Gold UP, Drop Rate increase, Status Parameter Decrease, Self Parameters increase and etc etc which are given to you choose from, which actually increase the gameplay much more.

The Upgrading weapons and how the battle plays out is exactly the same as Dogma, and is equally as broken in this game, or probably even more broken. One thing to note is that, this game is cel-shaded more than Dogma, which I liked.

Gameplay Score: 6.9/10


The Music is not on par with Dogma, but its still your average RPG music ( with some notes of Rock fitted in ), its neither to good nor to bad.

Music Score: 5/10 *Not added to overall score

Bonus Content:

The Bonus content is exactly the same, but a tad bit more though. The Fairy Land is Exactly the Ethereal Est Base but with a few improvements like the dungeon scenaries change time to time, even though the random changing dungeon is predetermined like in Dogma, the Portals are not, so memorising the dungeons will do you no good. The enemies are also varied and not the same in each dungeon and differ from one dungeon from another.

There are actually more Extra Bosses in this game ( in contrast to only guild hero in Dogma ) which are Fleon from Dogma, An Emperor from a game unknown to me and Enah(Enna in game ) from Alphadia series, and all of these bosses are cheap to the core.

Bonus Content Score: 7/10


The game had potential. but it was wasted. The story was not fitting to characters and did not do them justice, however the characters really save the rating of the game here.

Overall Score: 7.2/10 

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