Subquest List

Written by 3beez

Subquest 1: I Can’t Walk Another Step
Client: Merchant, Boris
Location: Seiya Village
Description: Get 1 Potion S and give it to him.
Reward(s): 600 gold and Holy Water S
Subquest 2: Something Special to Me
Client: Shara
Location: Quay Town
Description: Find a Green Box somewhere at Altio Hill and give it to her.
Reward(s): Shama Coin
Subquest 3: Where is Everyone
Client: Ella
Location: Royal City
Description: Find up to 4 children hiding in the city.
Reward(s): HP Berry x3 (Max) & MP Berry x3 (Max)
Subquest 4: Passing Out Flyers
Client: Isaac
Location: Royal City
Description: Distribute Flyers for the battle arena to Seiya Village, Quay Town & Royal City.
Reward(s): Avalonia Leaf
Subquest 5: Get Rich Quick
Client: Lenae
Location: Seaside Cabin
Description: Collect 3 White Seashells from the Aqua Starfish that live near the Seaside Cabin.
Reward(s): Vitality Berry x2
Subquest 6: Menace from the Skies
Client: Atticus
Location: Yustetia Village
Description: Exterminate 5 Wind Hawks in Mertsegel Spire.
Reward(s): Lodestone M
Subquest 7: Food for Monsters
Client: Rita
Location: Royal City
Description: Obtain 4 Long Bones from the Mischievous Wolves in Valenth Volcano.
Reward(s): Avalonia Bud
Subquest 8: Beautiful Farewell
Client: Toto
Location: Turan Town
Description: Obtain 5 Adieus Lily from the Moist Slimes in the Lost Woods and give them Airy.
Reward(s): Ability Berry x2
Subquest 9: You Don’t Have What it Takes
Client: Calvin
Location: Yamnahar Village
Description: Exterminate 3 Earth Sharks that roam Talka Highlands.
Reward(s): Holy Water M x2
Subquest 10: If I’m Really His Daughter
Client: Darius
Location: Saurth Town
Description: Obtain 6 Star Stones from the Fire Starfish in Selket Holymount.
Reward(s): Grams’ Elixir
Subquest 11: I’m So Happy I Could Die
Client: Fontus
Location: Nocturnal Land, Asgard
Description: Kill 1 Igni Rex inhabiting Valhalla Palace.
Reward(s): Avalonia Branch
Subquest 12: We’ll Take Any Job
Client: Village Chief
Location: Seiya Village
Description: Collect some Hoikea Herbs that grow southeast of Seiya Village.
Reward(s): Altea Rain
Subquest 13: Have You Seen My Treasure
Client: Osky
Location: Nocturnal Land, Asgard
Description: Find a Black Pearl lost somewhere in the Giant Tree.
Reward(s): Excellent Ambrosia
Subquest 14: Creepy Crawlers
Client: Baldor
Location: Mythra Village
Description: Kill 10 Flame Isopods in Adahl Volcano.
Reward(s): Ultimate Ambrosia
Subquest 15: The Hunt for Red Octybles
Client: Jethro
Location: Yamnahar Village
Description: Obtain 8 Red Octybles from the Flame Nymphs in Adahl Volcano.
Reward(s): Firecracker