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Sakura says:
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A World where you're born as a Adult...

Sephirothic Stories is another attempt from Exe Creates to make a 3D rpg. Unlike most Exe-Creates titles, you eventually have more than 4 party members. The game features stat seeds and a garden like earlier titles but, the difficulty is designed around using stat seeds with later dungeons and bosses being very difficult without using any.
Weapons can have various effects put on them at a blacksmith’s. Aside from a few rare accessories, you need have one of the three magic elements forged onto a weapon to learn magic.
While the cast is somewhat small, the plot never forgets any of them. In general the tone stays serious aside from once in a while when one character teases another. SOme of plot twists are obvious but, the overall plot is sound.
In addition to ingame money & IAP, there are two new currencies, silver & gold coins, which can be traded to a NPC for various consumables, weapons, armor and accessories. Similar to the stat seeds, eventually it’s advised to spend them to keep up with the difficutly curve. This shop is also where you can get a accessory that allows you to use and learn all three elements without filling out your weapon forge slots.
Similar to the newer Dragon quest games, there are no random battles. There are limited sprites to identify enemies but, it’s a nice change of pace.
Maps are now in 2.5/3d which dungeons having multiple heights. Unfortunately, the game’s jump function only allows for jumps straight up so it’s a missed opportunity. Additionally all six characters have a field effect that either helps in progressing through a dungeon, allows them to access certain items, or slows down the “Murk” meter. When the Murk meter is full, you are ejected out of the dungeon.

  • 6 playable characters, but the first three can't be removed
  • The element system that simplifies combat
  • Challenging bosses that are not trivialized by stat seeds
  • A single central town hub and selectable world map
  • The jump function doesn't help in progressing through maps
  • Character designs are a little simplistic
  • The Murk meter usually results in requiring two runs to clear a dungeon
  • No Post Game

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