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There are 2 reviews for 'Silver Nornir'.

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All-around Solid RPG Experience

Silver Nornir is one of WWS most solid RPGs, and definitely a worthwhile game to check out.

There’s a nice cast of 10 really like-able characters, with a few being reincarnations of other characters. Your available characters change considerably throughout the game, and at one point, you have to play through a chunk as the “evil” characters you’d been fighting in the first part of the game. While all of them can eventually learn the same magical skills, they differ considerably in their stats, and have memorable personalities too. My favorites were Alicia, Lynn, Secile, Ein, and Elena!

The battle system is kind of unique as well, you place up to 5 characters on a 3×3 grid with a vanguard, middle row, and rearguard. Skills use either TP, which slowly builds up with attacks and is carried over battle to battle, or MP, which can only be replenished by resting or using items. Boss battles are all about carefully managing these two resources while building up for your ultimate attacks to finish the enemy off.

The game rewards you for finishing battles quickly and with multiple critical hits / hitting enemy weaknesses with an end of battle grading system. By scoring “S” ranks, you can slowly grind your way to IAP currency without paying any real money.

Another unique feature is the Title system, which allows you to give your characters fun nicknames. In the post game, you earn some strategic titles that actually improve your stats for the final battles as well.

The orb system has you equip up to three orbs each representing one or more elements. As you level up, you gain skills depending on which combination of element orbs you have equipped. For the endgame, there’s an expensive orb that allows you to level all elements to 30, which gives you really important revival, magic attack, and TP/MP recovery skills that are important for beating the game’s superboss.

I like how the game adds a few puzzle-y elements to diversify the dungeons, including portal mazes and a few node puzzles where you have to create a path by stepping on every square on the board exactly once.

  • Great Cast of memorable characters
  • Puzzle elements
  • Decent story
  • Nice Music
  • Easy to navigate Map
  • Linear progression with limited side quests
  • Length (12-15 hours including post-game content)

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