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There are 6 reviews for 'Summon Mate'.

Mastertrek says:
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An Awesome Journey With Unsuspected Connections!

What can I say about the game besides that it’s Better than I expected it to be? I had no big Hopes for the game so for me, the game is Great! Of course I would normally give much lower Rating, But I found this great game as enjoyable as Tenmilli-rpg!

So let’s start off with the Story. I’m 80% sure that in Japanese language it would be more detailed and until the very end I didn’t have any idea what is going on here except doing some Tasks. And beating Bosses.

If you were tired of having One Set Party throughout the Game, here you can get A Lot of Monsters that you can capture, Fuse and Fight with! And By Fusion you can make a Powerful Monster with Great Healing Magic which is also Great!

Although (On Easy) You will mostly have Auto Fights but you still have to do some battles by yourself and that’s great 🙂 But I already see how much Grinding it will take to do everything..

Overall, Summon Mate is a Good Game which you can beat in a Couple of Hours and can Restart with All monsters and Most Items if you want! I like this game almost as much as Tenmilli-rpg!

  • 160 Monsters To Catch and Use!
  • Good amount of Difficulty (On Easy. Don't Try Hard as you will definitely not have any chance..)
  • Everything about Battles is Fun!
  • Secrets!
  • Best Played with Everything Speed-related options at Maximum.
  • Poor Translation may mislead the Player at some points.
  • Controls require getting used to.
  • Could add some more Bad things but I like the Game too much.

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