World Map

Written by 1oldtymer

Where to go next--follow the numbered map
Oshiro Castle (1)
Castle Town (2)
North Cave (a)
Oshiro Castle (1)
Oshiro Underground (via the castle) exit at (b)
Small Inn (3)
Musasabi Tower (c)
Small Village (4)
Kewashi Mountain (d)
Shrine City (5)
Oshiro Castle (1)
Traveller Inn (6)
Devil Labyrinth (e)
Oshiro Castle (1)
Next Castle (7)
Ship Keeper's House (f)
Sea House (8)
Port Town (optional) (9)
Oshiro Castle (Optional)
Mysterious Forest (g)
Goddess Castle (10)
Mirror Castle (11) via Port Town
create the Suzaku in order to unlock the ability to fly
not sure order matters here
Island House
Next Castle
Sun Labyrinth (from Next Castle)
Moon Room (from Sun Labyrinth--unlock that sealed treasure)
Star Room (from Moon Roof)

Island Cabin
Small Shrine
Forest Island
Hades Dungeon
Mirror Castle
Next Castle (after you have the Key of Next)
Mysterious Cave (from Next Castle basement)
Post Game:

Nihility Cave at Island House
apparently no boss, and the chests on 4&5 restock with random rewards, usually seeds/bulbs)
-- floors 4&5 are usually simple monsters with large EXP