A sunny forest path pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander

A sunny forest path pt. 2

This time you around you enter A sunny forest path on what was previously screen three. (The screen where you met Laishutia.) Follow the path back to screen one, and exit to the east. That screen now becomes screen four.

New Enemies: Burglar, Hornet, Rafflesia

Screen Four

Treasure: Campset

Screen Five

Treasure: Special Spirit Potion

Boss battle

Ravenous Beast
8,550 HP
Weak: Fire
Steal: Extra Special Potion of Life
Drop: nothing

I used Sonic Ripper, Britburn and Firebolt. His Mowing Down damages all, but not by much. He doesn’t really have any devastating attacks, but still keep an eye on everyone’s health or someone could die in this battle.

After the battle exit to the north to get back on the World Map, and go to Millennia Town.