The Abode of the Winds

Written by MSG Commander

The Abode of the Winds

Enemies: Forest Alligator, Druid, Torrent

Screen One

Treasure: Wind Gem

Screen Two

Treasure: Spirit Potion, Special Potion of Life, Campset

Screen Three

Treasure: Wind Quartz, Memory Quartz, Revival Potion

The northeast exit leads to treasure: Kit (support), Special Spirit Potion.

The northwest exit leads to screen four and a Boss battle.

Screen Four

Boss battle

Dragon of the Winds
11,700 HP
Weak: Earth
Steal: Wind Crystal
Drop: Spirit Crystal of Wind

On this battle I used Rune Breaker, Magic Breaker and Weapon Breaker to lower his defenses. Then I used Sonic Ripper, Rock Strike, and Britburn. Watch out for his Tornado attack; it does about 5-600 damage to each person.

After the battle go back and talk to Orjuri. Now go to Millennia Town and catch a ship to the Northern Lands.