Eashtend Castle

Written by MSG Commander

Eashtend Castle

Screen One

Treasure: Extra Special Potion of Life, Revival Potion

There are two exits: the south one goes to screen two, and the east one goes to screen five.

Screen Two

Treasure: Campset, Smoke Screen, Assassin’s Shoes

Screen Three

Here there’s a north exit, a south exit, and an east exit. The north exit leads to the Boss, and the south exit leads to the courtyard. Take the east exit to screen four.

Screen Four

Treasure: Kit (v. heavy close range), Ring of Death

Screen Five

Treasure: Orichalcum Ore, Spilrau

Go back to screen three and take the north exit to the Boss battle.

Screen Three

Boss battle

29,700 HP
Weak: Earth
Steal: Spirit Potion of the Elves
Drop: None

This battle took me forever because I spent every turn trying to steal from him, with no success.

(Thanks to @j-d-guy for pointing out that you can only have 5 Spirit Potion of the Elves in your inventory, hence my inability to steal from him LOL).

Side Note: It may be that the bosses here didn't drop any items for me, because my inventory was already full as well. So, if anyone does get drop items from any of these boss battles, please post the info in the forum.

After the battle, go north to screen six.

Screen Six

Treasure: Spirit Potion of the Elves, Orichalcum Ore

First exit leads to screen seven; north exit leads to another Boss.

Screen Seven

Treasure: Soma, Memory Quartz

Screen Eight

There’s a pretty cool battle sequence here - you get to fight three bosses, with three separate teams. (You have to beat all three of them before you get another chance to save, so hopefully you’ve got enough potions, etc., to make it through.)

Boss battle

Incarnation of Darkness
16,650 HP
Weak: Water, Light
Steal: (no steal skill equipped)
Drop: none

I had Ruland use Charge and Meteor Drive, and Rednight use Zero Attack and Crimson Death. This battle didn’t take too long.

Boss battle

Incarnation of Evil
27,000 HP
Weak: Earth, Light
Steal: (no skill equipped)
Drop: none

I used Shrink Strike and Earthquake. It took awhile to beat this boss, but it worked.

Boss battle

Mutated Safario
31,500 HP
Weak: Light
Steal: Secret Potion of the Heavens
Drop: none

I used all the Breaker skills, then Malice Bane, Grand Cross, Holy Reverance, and Vilsugia Punish. Safario’s Hand of Salvation does about 700-1000 damage to one person. To a World Without Hate is a random multiple attack skill that does about 600 damage each, and will probably kill at least one person.

After the third battle, the castle is now open. If you think you missed any treasure, you can still get it (and now without having to fight any enemies.)

-- Now you can go straight to the next destination, or you can go back to the Dwarves’ Hamlet and use the Orichalcum Ore to make better weapons! (Including weapons for your new party members - but you probably won’t have enough ore for everyone. Not to worry; you will get more.)

To reach the final destination, fly your airship to the mountains north of Eashtend and press the Confirm button. Land in front of the fortress on the cross-shaped island.