The Abode of Darkness

Written by MSG Commander

The Abode of Darkness

Enemies: Blue Gel, Zombie, Ghost

Screen One

Treasure: Memory Quartz, Spirit Potion

Screen Two

Treasure: Campset, Special Potion of Life, Darkness Quartz (in a secret passage)

Screen Three

Treasure: 500G

There are two ladders leading down here: one to the east and one to the west. The east ladder leads to screen four, and the west ladder leads to screen five.

Screen Four

Treasure: Purification Potion

There’s a ladder here that leads up to treasure: Spirit Potion of the Elves

Screen Five

Boss battle

14,400 HP
Weak: Earth
Steal: Lucklau
Drop: ?

I used Crushing Attack, Britburn, and Rock Strike. His Right! Let’s See You Dance! attack will do about 6-700 damage to each party member, so watch your health. This guy’s not too hard; he just takes a long time.

After the battle, Shilfris locks you in a trap and you can’t get out. Lucky for you, Sershka and Elestona show up and offer to release you.

For this next little bit, you get to control Sershka and Elestona. First, go south and take the ladder up to screen six.

Screen Six

Go north and take the ladder down to screen seven.

Screen Seven

Treasure: Campset, Special Spirit Potion

At the end of screen seven, step on the switchplate to release the trap, then go back to screen five...

When the game cuts back to Kreist, Dauturu, and Laishutia, explore the rest of that screen for a Spirau and a Gem of Nothingness. Then take the ladder down to screen eight for a Boss battle.

Screen Eight

Boss battle

Genie of the Darkness
15,300 HP
Weak: Light
Steal: Darkness Crystal
Drop: Spirit Crystal of Darkness

I used Crushing Attack and Sonic Ripper, Britburn, and Divine Ray. The Genie uses Melody of Eternal Darkness which can cause Darkness on all. Fanatical Shock can cause Distraction and Poison, and his Chaos Wave does physical damage on all, but only about 250 damage or so.

After this battle there’s a really cool scene with a really bad golem. Your next destination is in the mountains far east of Lincashe Village.