The Abode of Fire

Written by MSG Commander

The Abode of Fire

Enemies: Fire Jelly, Magma Crosser, Specter

In this location, one screen leads naturally into the next, so there’s no information for “go north to screen two” and such. It’s pretty clear how to get from one screen to the next one.

Screen One

Treasure: Revival Potion, Herb of Life

Screen Two

Treasure: Kit (high mobility), Special Potion of Life

There’s a scene here with Ruland, but there’s no Boss battle until screen four.

Screen Three

Treasure: Fire Quartz

Screen Four

Treasure: Fire Gem

Boss battle

5400 HP
Weak: Wind
Steal: Ring of Power
Drop: Campset

Ruland’s Massacre skill attacks all. Watch everyone’s health and use the strongest skills you’ve got available. He’s not actually that hard to beat (this time).

There’s another Boss battle on screen five, so before you get to that battle, you’ll probably want to use a Campset.

Screen Five

Treasure: Memory Quartz

Boss battle

Genie of the Flames
6,750 HP
Weak: Water
Steal: Fire Crystal
Drop: Spirit Crystal of Fire

For this battle I used Sonic Ripper, Britburn, and Aqua Shoot. His Tsunami of Flame attack does pretty good damage to all, as does Fire Breath. Use Heal to keep everyone’s health high, or you’ll quickly go through all your Potions.

After the battle, you can go back through the abode to fight more random encounters, or use a Memory Quartz to return to Leinoy Town. To reach your next location, you have to go back through A sunny forest path.