The Abode of the Earth

Written by MSG Commander

Enemies: Malagarch, Wraith, Narromei

Screen One

Treasure: Special Potion of Life, Nuggets of Magic Silver

Screen Two

Treasure: Memory Quartz, Earth Quartz, 1500G (the Earth Quartz and 1500G are in a secret passage)

There are two exits. The one to the north leads to screen three, and the one to the south leads to screen five.

Screen Three

Treasure: Spirit Herb

Screen Four

Treasure: Burglar’s Forearm, Nuggets of Magic Silver

Screen Five

There’s a ladder down to screen six

Screen Six

Treasure: High Mage Tablet

Boss battle

21,600 HP
Weak: Light
Steal: Lucklau
Drop: Secret Potion of the Heavens

I used Slow, Weapon Breaker etc., Rising Slash, Doomslayer, and Divine Ray. Grazard uses Spirit of Chaos which causes Confusion, and Let’s Hear You Scream! which attacks all for around 500 damage each and lowers your Physical Attack. Use Healing Wind a lot to keep everyone’s health high.

After the battle, take the ladder down to screen seven.

Screen Seven

Treasure: Earth Gem, Extra Special Potion of Life

Screen Eight

Boss battle

Giant of the Earth
20,700 HP
Weak: Wind
Steal: Earth Crystal
Drop: Nuggets of Magic Silver, Spirit Crystal of Earth

I used all the Breaker skills, Cyclone, Rising Slash, and Doomslayer. His Quake attack does about 400 damage to each member, and Wrath of the Earth does about 6-700 each.

After the battle go back to the Dwarves’ Hamlet and talk to Garganbu. You need to get parts now to convert the airship, and the first part is in the Sealed Ruins, due south of the Cave of the Abyss.