The Abode of the Light

Written by MSG Commander

The Abode of the Light

Enemies: Nelsphim, Selestian Tree, Lightning Jelly

Screen One

Treasure: Campset, Light Quartz

There are two exits: one to the north leads to screen two, and the one to the west leads to screen four

Screen Two

Treasure: Spirit Potion of the Elves

Screen Three (east side)

Treasure: Spilrau, Wizard tablet

Press the button on the wall and go to screen four.

Screen Four

Treasure: Warning Amulet, Extra Special Spirit Potion, Soma

There are two exits on screen four: the west exit leads to screen five, and the north exit leads to screen three (center).

Screen Five

Treasure: Extra Special Potion of Life, Lucklau

Screen Six

Treasure: Extra Special Spirit Potion, Secret Potion of the Heavens

The exit to the east leads to screen three (west side).

Screen Three (west side)

Treasure: Memory Quartz, 4,000G

Press the button to unlock the door in screen three (center), then go to screen three (center) and through the door to screen seven.

Screen Seven

Boss battle

Dragon of the Light
27,000 HP
Weak: Darkness
Steal: Light Crystal
Drop: Ring of Venus, Spirit Crystal of Light

The Dragon of Light uses Wall of Light, which lets him counter physical attacks. You can use Dispel to get rid of it, but he’ll just use it again, so you just have to deal with it the best you can. He also uses Counter Magic, which reflects all magic attacks. I just used Grand Cross and Vilsugia Punish, and had Laishutia heal everyone pretty much on every turn.

After the battle go back to Garganbu. Laishutia wants to visit Eashtend, but Kreist says you can’t get there straightaway. Instead you need to go to Kilnorsha, which is close to Eashtend.

Your next destination is north of the Silent Forest.