The Abode of the Waters

Written by MSG Commander

The Abode of the Waters

Enemies: Sea Shumgus, Aqua Jelly, Ikkaku

Screen One

Treasure: Extra Special Potion of Life, Memory Quartz, Spirit Potion of the Elves

Screen Two

Here there are two exits: the one to the south leads to screen three, and the one to the north leads to screen four.

Screen Three

Treasure: Water Gem, 2,000G

Screen Four

Treasure: Burglar’s Bracelet, Water Quartz

Screen Five

Treasure: Mithril Ore, Assassin tablet

Screen Six

Treasure: Campset, Mithril Ore, Extra Special Spirit Potion, Lucklau

Screen Seven

Boss battle

Beast of the Waters
23,850 HP
Weak: Fire
Steal: Water Crystal
Drop: Mithril Ore, Spirit Crystal of Water

I used a mix of Grand Cross, Rising Slash, Nightmare Haze and Anger Bash, with a little Inferno and Shrink Strike thrown in here and there. The Boss uses Ink which can blind a party member. Whirling Wind does about 500 damage to each, and Tidal Wave does about 300 damage each. The only thing that makes this battle really suck is when everyone gets Blinded. Other than that it’s not too hard. (But that’s what the next Boss battle is for…)

Boss Battle

25,200 HP
Weak: Light
Drop: Fighter’s Ring

I used Fortify, Breaker skills, Divine Ray, Crimson Death - and then I realized I could change Dauturu over to Black Overload, and then I used Vilsugia Punish every turn until Grazard was no more. Grazard’s Mowing Down does about 300 damage on each, and Let’s End It Here! does about 6-800 damage each.

After the battle go back to Garganbu, and he’ll tell you where to find the Island of Snow. While you’re in the Dwarves’ Hamlet, check out the Weapons Shop; now that you have Magic Nuggets of Silver you should be able to make some better gear. When you’re ready, the Island of Snow is located south of the Elves’ Hamlet. You need to go to the Snow-covered Ruins to advance the story, but if you want, you can also go to Snowcross Town, though as far as I can tell going there serves absolutely no purpose.