The Cave of the Abyss

Written by MSG Commander

The Cave of the Abyss

This is the longest dungeon in the game, and even with this guide it might get a little confusing.

-- About here, it starts getting harder to just Auto every random encounter. You can still do it, but you’ll end up using a lot more potions and taking quite a bit of damage.

Enemies: Gaia Gel, Cave Alligator, War Wasp

Screen One

There are two ladders: one to the north and one to the south. The north ladder leads to screen two and the south ladder leads to screen three.

Screen Two

Treasure: Memory Quartz, Special Potion of Life, Ring of Venus

Screen Three

There’s a ladder down to screen four.

Screen Four

Boss battle

20,700 HP
Weak: Water
Steal: Soma
Drop: nothing

I used Weapon Breaker, Rune Breaker, Magic Breaker, etc., then followed that with Poison, Sonic Ripper, Britburn, and Aqua Shoot. Her Mow Down does about 350 damage to each member, and Crimson Death! is a multiple attack that could potentially kill one or more members.

This battle’s not particularly hard, it just takes a long time. But when it’s over you learn something pretty cool about Rednight. After the battle you can get the treasure: Sacred Fencer tablet. Then take the ladder down to screen five.

Screen Five

Treasure: 1,000G

There are two ladders on screen five: one to the west and one to the south. The west ladder leads to screen six and the south ladder leads to screen seven.

Screen Six

Treasure: Holy Priest tablet, Revival Potion

Screen Seven

Watch the scene here, then the game cuts to a new screen.

Screen Eight

Treasure: Campset, Special Spirit Potion

Rednight joins your party for the next couple screens, then it’s Rozeim’s turn. There’ll be a Boss battle on screen ten.

Screen Nine

Treasure: Healing Potion, Extra Special Potion of Life, Smoke Screen

Screen Ten

Boss battle

Defender of the Abyss
16,000 HP
Weak: Wind, Light
Steal: nothing
Drop: nothing

This battle can be hard depending on which tablet Rednight has equipped. Just use the strongest skills you’ve got and keep everyone’s health up. Any time he uses Power Up, have Laishutia use Dispel or you will take a serious beating. After the battle ends, go on to screen eleven.

Screen Eleven

Here you decide to take a break, and the game cuts to Dauturu and Rozeim.

Screen Twelve

Treasure: Campset, Kit (Ebony Crusader)

Rozeim joins your party for the next couple of screens. There’s another Boss battle coming up on screen fourteen.

Screen Thirteen

Treasure: Spirit Herb, Extra Special Spirit Potion

Screen Fourteen

Boss battle

Watchman of the Abyss
12,600 HP
Weak: Earth, Darkness
Drop: nothing

I used Weapon Breaker, Magic Breaker, etc., then Slow, then Doomslayer and Gallant Burn. His Indiscriminate Firing is a multiple attack but it doesn’t do much damage. This battle’s not too hard, but it will go a lot easier if Rozeim has Heal.

After the battle take the ladder down to reunite with the rest of your party. From here, there’s a ladder that leads all the way back to screen one, and a path to the south. Take the path to the south to reach your next destination.