The Old Ruins

Written by MSG Commander

The Old Ruins

Enemies: Slime, Skeleton, Mimic

Screen One

Treasure: Potion of Life

After you get the treasure, look for the stairs leading down to screen two.

Screen Two

Treasure: Burglar’s Shoes

On this screen you meet Sershka and Elestona. There’s a room on this screen with a locked door, and a switchplate to unlock the door.

There are two sets of stairs down to the third level, one on the west and one on the east. The one on the west leads to treasure: Kit (heavy armor). The one on the east leads to screen three.

Screen Three

Treasure: Revival Potion, Spirit Potion, Thief Tablet

Get all the treasure and take the stairs down to screen four.

Screen Four

Treasure: Soma (in a secret passage)

Boss battle

Demon of the Soul
4500 HP
Weak: Water, Light
Steal: Special Spirit Potion
Drop: Special Potion of Life

This guy can actually kill you if you’re not paying attention. You’ll want to use lots of Heal and Potions of Life, and some Skill Potions if you run out of MP. If you equipped the Thief tablet before this battle you can steal a Special Spirit Stone; otherwise just use Repeat Attack, Crush, and Divine Ray until he’s dead. (And heal everyone when they need it.)

After the battle you want to head back to Leinoy Town. If you have a Memory Quartz, you can just warp back; however, if you choose to walk back through the ruins, you’ll arrive at Leinoy Town with a nice bit of extra cash to spend at the Weapons and Item Shops.

Your next destination is the Abode of Fire.